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Becoming the Light

When day comes, we step out of the shade, aflame and unafraid. The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it. Amanda Gorman   An amazingly gifted poet wrote the above. Her reference point was the actualization of the traditional…
June 3, 2021
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An Adventure is Coming

You know that moment when you realize you could live in a bubble your whole life (the pandemic has certainly conditioned many of us) and life would be much easier yet doing so would also make it so much less of an adventure? I have no use for chaos or drama but adventure???? That’s another story altogether. I can find…
April 18, 2021

Health Trends for 2021

In a recent webinar that I watched from the Global Wellness Institute, there was a great deal of talk about the trends taking place in health care and wellness. Two major trends revolve around first, gut health as being the precursor to health or dis-ease. It is expected that more and more online videos for maintaining or reclaiming our health…
April 11, 2021

Honoring Ourselves While Celebrating Our Global Sisterhood

As we celebrated International Women’s Day this week, the emphasis on "international" was highly important. We each, in our own world, recognize the price we have had to pay in order to be considered almost equal, equal, or even for some in being honored as a pioneer. Yes, it is imperative that we honor ourselves, each one of us. Not…
March 14, 2021
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Healthy Leadership – Healthy Pocketbook

So much of what is written about leadership focuses on needing tools, such as better communication or learning approaches, such as in collaboration with co-workers versus power-over attitudes.   As someone with a background in both psychology and integrative health, for the past 12 years as a Leadership Coach, my approach in working with all of my clients, brings an…
March 3, 2021

How Your Personality Impacts Your Health

Before understanding how your personality impacts your health, it is important to understand that regardless of your particular personality style, we all have healthy components to our personality that call us to grow, to expand, and to change, becoming more of who we are meant to be and we all have aspects to our personality that call us to be…
February 3, 2021