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Letting The Good Girl Die

So The Real Woman Can Live

Dr. Dorothy addresses the issues that exist for all of us who are trying to please everyone, who are striving to be near-perfect, or who are the over-achievers. In working with Executive Women, Dorothy has seen how powerful women have unique ways of doing self-betrayal, in giving their power away. She speaks of mindset, communication skills, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, relationships, leadership and so much more. That is why this is a must read. Grab your copy now to become that Real Woman you already are.

Six Steps to Speaking

Regardless of your specialty or position, speaking to an audience of any size requires confidence, knowledge of how to lead an audience, and the ability to show you are enjoying yourself.

As Past-President of the National Speakers Association- Connecticut, with a 30-year history as a keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant, Dr. Dorothy brings a wealth of experience to the table as she shares the lessons she has learned along with the materials and forms she has developed, to support you in getting there so much easier and faster, by-passing the mistakes so easily made along the way.

Ebook: Owning Your Leadership

We have been conditioned to believe that leadership looks a particular way: autocratic, disconnected, and linear (front the top down,) However, research shows that there are a variety of equally powerful approaches to leadership such as Thought Leader, Team Leader, and more.

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Ebook: Women in Leadership

The Mindset and Communication Skills Needed

Thankfully, women are now achieving more positions in leadership even if at what
some consider a very slow pace. Whether bias should or shouldn’t exist is irrelevant at
the moment, it does, and looking at the reasons why it exists and why it is
perpetuated, supports our ability to provide a solid foundation and focus for the
movement forward.

Dreams Are Only The Beginning

Dreams Are Only The Beginning is the revealing story of one woman’s courageous journey of self-discovery and how she was able to follow her dreams to achieve more than she ever imagined possible. Dorothy began life in an orphanage, was raised in the housing projects, became a Catholic nun, an airline stewardess, psychotherapist, Graduate Faculty…

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…lecturer, healer and business woman. Along the way she uncovered the insights, wisdom, and tools needed for creating excitement and emotional fulfillment, while developing deeper levels of spiritual knowing and personal intimacy. Now she shares these secrets with you!

Discover how you can have your own DREAMS and the KEY to becoming the person you always wanted to be and were meant to be. Learn to follow your dreams, one at a time, while taking the risks that are necessary to find freedom, self-confidence, and true joy. Liberate yourself from painful secrets so that you can finally become fulfilled, content, and happy in your life and relationships. Identify and change all those hidden, false, and unrealistic expectations and agenda that have held you captive. Recognize opportunities that lead to a higher level of sustained change and growth, while following your soul’s longings and desires.

Dr. Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, DCEP, a licensed psychotherapist, coach, speaker, and healer has been in private practice for over 25 years.

Dreams Are Only The Beginning – WORKBOOK

In Dreams Are Only the Beginning Dorothy wrote of her story as literally being formed by the living out of one dream at a time, following her soul’s calling through each step of her journey. In this Companion Workbook, the follow-up guide to her best-selling book, which is focused on you, you will find helpful, …

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In Dreams Are Only the Beginning Dorothy wrote of her story as literally being formed by the living out of one dream at a time, following her soul’s calling through each step of her journey.

In this Companion Workbook, the follow-up guide to her best-selling book, which is focused on you, you will find helpful, step-by-step guidelines to support you in achieving or reclaiming your dreams, as well as what you truly want in your life, and who you want to become. You will be taken through the process to uncover your dreams and your passions. Everything is already within you but they may need permission to come alive again or perhaps for the every first time…

Your Soul Sings – Your Body Dances

A frequent talk I give is called “How Your Personality Impacts Your Health.” This book provides all the background information you will ever need to understand just how that happens – and – so much more. It is not coincidental who gets what disease; it is not an accident. Our personality, more than genetics, impact…

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… our health negatively or positively. The choice is ours. This book explains how and why.

After 25 years as a psychotherapist and Energy Medicine practitioner, I have come to believe that we are all embodied souls possessing a deep and profound connection between our spiritual and physical worlds; they are not two different, unrelated realities. Simply put, our mental and physical health is defined by our ability to listen to the conversation between our body and soul.

To the extent that we live the truth of who we are, that we live our soul’s longings, we have our health, and we have the ability to live our dreams, fully and passionately. To the extent that we betray ourselves, that we go against what we know is right, we live in dis-ease which then impacts us on every level. In reading this book you can identify how your personality impacts your health, how it supports you living in truth, or how it causes you to betray who you really are.

In reviewing the newest publications listed on, it is easy to see that several books have been written recently by scientists such as Candace Pert and Brian Goodwin, as well as humanists such as Blair Justice and Deepak Chopra, discussing the relationship of expectations and beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious, to your physical health. Earlier, popular writers such as Barbara Brennan, Louise Hay, and Deb Shapiro began the process of bringing the impact of your spirituality on your health into public focus through their widely successful books. Authors such as Larry Dossey, MD and others in the medical community have written of the power of prayer and spirituality in healing. With the convergence of these publications reflecting the movement toward integration of the body and soul in medicine, wholistic health itself is, from my perspective, finally becoming officially whole.

My goal in writing this book is to support you in claiming all this and more. This book will help you understand how to hear, how to really listen to, your soul’s messages as they are shared through your body. You can hear them, and feel them, and know what the messages are saying through your energy field and through your body awareness. When you choose to listen, and learn the language, the message is as clear as those you hear on your cell phone and yet so much more real, personal, exciting, and freeing.

Through numerous case examples, personal sharing, and the results of NIH funded research on fibromyalgia that I have completed, this book shows again and again how the soul speaks to you through health, illness, emotions, and passion, letting you know what is happening and what needs to be done even when you choose not to hear. Enjoy the adventure and the you that is discovered along the way…

Reclaiming Your Passion Remembering Your Dreams

This program provides the necessary tools to discover all the strengths and vulnerabilities that support and/or hinder your ability to achieve all the dreams you have ever had or will have. Learn everything you need to know to make it all happen for success in health, business and relationships – living your ideal life. Volume …

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  • 10 MP3 recording sessions
  • Dreams Are Only The Beginning ebook
  • Dreams Are Only the Beginning Companion Workbook
  • Your Personal Free Consultation with Dr. Dorothy

All Included. Instant and immediate access.

Volume 1

  • Session 1 – The Spiritual, Emotional & Physical Levels of Life
  • Session 2 – Living Your Passion or Playing it Safe
  • Session 3 – Passionately Living in the Moment
  • Session 4 – Making Room for You in Your Life
  • Session 5 – Leadership and Forgiveness

Volume 2

  • Session 6 – Letting go of Perfection
  • Session 7 – Intention vs. Will
  • Session 8 – Shifting your Self Image to Fit Your Dream
  • Session 9 – Energy and the Power of Dreams
  • Session 10 – Five Steps to Making Your Dream of Reality

Extra CD – the entire program compressed onto one CD—great as a backup or to download to your IPod, MP3 or other digital player.

Unkiditional Love

Parenting calls us to grow in ways we never would have thought possible and every day we learn more and more about what we don’t know and about what we had no idea to expect. One of the most powerful areas of that growth is in the need to learn to love our children unconditionally…

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… unconditionally. UNKIDITIONAL LOVE presents the wisdom of two folks who learned through experience and training about the trials, joys and demands of parenting.

Tom Russo, shares with humor, humility, and profound wisdom his experiences of being a single dad of two girls. His unkiditional love of his daughters continues to grow as do the number of experiences of parenting from adoption, diapers, teenage dating and so much more.

Dr. Dorothy makes a clear point, more than once, that without faith and a sense of humor parenting is impossible. Learning to laugh at yourself and not take you or each experience so seriously that your guilt or self-judgment reigns is definite proof you have made it through to other side and can now relax with adult children.

Parenting is not easy and yet it can fill you in ways nothing else does. Learn to see it from a perspective that says dads make great parents, and are gifts beyond words to their kids, boys or girls. Moms too often do not realize that they are not meant to be forgotten in this process and are encouraged n to find a way to celebrate their life not just their parenting, helping everyone in the household win.

Transforming Your Style of Leadership

Begin with this Leadership Self-Assessment Tool