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Authentic, captivating, and wise beyond her years, Dr. Dorothy packs a room and delivers her insightful messages connecting mind, body, and soul.

Anne Garland

Dr. Dorothy has an uncanny ability to immediately connect with her audience. When she was finished, she got a standing ovation.

Kathy McShane

Inspirational, motivating, moving, and laugh out loud funny – that’s a tough combination to beat!


Dr. Dorothy’s intrinsic love of people, her spiritual approach to life, and her outrageous sense of humor inspire and motivate her audience.

Denise Landry

Dr. Dorothy is the real deal. She is a world class speaker and visionary worthy of any stage in the world.

L. Kay Wilson

She is truly motivational, inspirational, and authentically humanistic.

Darlene O’Connor, PhD

Dr. Dorothy provided the best program we’ve ever had. To call the audience engaged would be an understatement!

Leslie Hammond

May I make a strong suggestion for your keynote next year? Dr. Dorothy Martin Neville!

Judy Imperature

Dorothy Martin-Neville has made a tremendous positive impact on my life. She is a brilliant and insightful speaker.

Donna Page


Dr. Dorothy is a powerhouse with a special gift to see right through you, to get to the heart of the matter.

Larry Ford

Holy smokes! Every time I talk with Dr. Dorothy, it's another gift to unwrap. You are amazing.

John Rossi

I would recommend anyone who is looking for more in life to work with Dr. Dorothy on any level, as it will be life changing for you!

Jennifer Petrucci

'Thank you' are not really the words I would pick, but at the moment they are all I can find. I am inspired by you.

Sara Barron

I will never be able to view health, disease, and the process of healing solely through the lens of Western medicine again.

Mark Warner, MD

Dorothy Martin-Neville’s work provided me with the support for self-growth making me at peace with who I am and able to love myself as I love others.

Faith Parsons

Dr. Dorothy's principles and methods have brought me back to the TRUE reality of who I am and what my soul purpose is.

Lynn Rosario

Dr. Dorothy has helped me honor every step of my journey and to discover the power I have to make my life everything I want it to be.

JoAnn Lopes

In life you often believe you get only one bite at the apple, one chance to get it right. I thank God I met you Dr. Dorothy, and that you have shown me we have unlimited "bites", and it's never too late!

Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton

I personally want to thank you for coaching us in the past few months.
I've learned so many things, especially about career, time management, anger management, self-care, health and even parenting. Thank you for listening to our stories.Thank you for your time, gift of knowledge, insights and inspiration! It has really added value to my life. It's been such a pleasure and honor to meet you. I will always be grateful.

Marivic Aurea

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