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For over 25 years, Dr. Dorothy has supported people in discovering and believing in their dreams especially their dream for living the life and career of their choosing. As an amazingly intuitive thought leader with an exceptional way of looking at life, through her keynotes, books, consulting, coaching, and TV and radio appearances, she calls her audiences and clients to understand and develop their personal leadership in ways they never could have imagined.

She has a proven unique approach providing pragmatic solutions for people that will change their lives. With humor, faith, and common sense, she inspires her audiences to believe that anything is possible.

Dr. Dorothy knows that organizations that support their employees’ dreams attract and keep top talent, improve productivity, enhance innovation, and increase profitability, as well as create a fun and pleasant work environment. Dr. Dorothy both consults with top management and delivers a presentation to empower audience members and employees. Call today!

Dr. Dorothy has an uncanny ability to immediately connect with her audience. When she was finished, she got a standing ovation.

Kathy McShane

Inspirational, motivating, moving, and laugh out loud funny – that’s a tough combination to beat!


Women in Leadership: The Mindset and Communication Skills Needed

Although the pace is slow, women are gaining more and more seats at the table. To be ready, either when called, or, when they claim the opportunity, there are skills women need to make sure they have developed both in their mindset and in their communication skills. Knowing you belong there, responding rather than reacting, as well as claiming your space at the table, with power, clarity, and focus lets others know your confidence and your skills.

Leadership Keynote Descriptions

Owning Your Leadership: The Five Archetypes of Leadership

This keynote provides an overview of the tools needed to own your leadership, drive, and passion in both your life and your business:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mindfulness
  • Your Why, Be, Do for life
  • The Five Archetypes of Leadership, and,
  • Your Values – well defined

After first realizing your life is you make it, you then realize there are many ways of leading your life and your business and these archetypes define for you what those ways are:

  • Thought Leader
  • Team Leader
  • Support Leader
  • Visionary Leader
  • Organizational Leader

Take Aways. You will know:

  • Which archetypes are your strongest
  • If your Why, Be, Do are aligned with them
  • How your values support you or cause the craziness that exists in your life and business.

Visionary Women: The Changing Face of Power and Leadership

The new paradigm for being a powerful woman includes a leadership style built on compassion, effectiveness, thoughtfulness, and success. Visionary women, thought-leaders in their own right, have become results-oriented achievers, with a vision of team and mentorship built on a dream of community, team, and individual accomplishments. They know how to dream big while thinking out of the box; how to share a vision that inspires; and how to exceed self-limiting expectations. Because of that willingness to dream, overcome past negative messages, and take the risks needed, they are bringing a genuine richness to a field once dominated by men. Claim and bring this new energy to your team, your workplace, or your association.

How Your Leadership DNA Impacts Your Health

Dr. Dorothy offers a common sense, and well-researched, look into how your leadership DNA impacts your health while explaining how different personalities hold their stress differently. Some are more prone to migraines when heavily stressed, while others tend to get strep throats, or back problems, etc. Sadly, holding excessive stress for extended periods of time can lead to far more severe disorders.

This talk is a humorous yet insightful adventure into self-understanding and the possibilities for change in behavior and beliefs in order to support your health.

Understanding your particular leadership DNA, its strengths and weaknesses, along with the diseases most common to your particular style, let’s you see the changes that are possible and how the risk of disease can be eliminated or at least minimized.

Dr. Dorothy’s ability to make the complex easily understood is a gift as she provides information and understanding of how much power we have in impacting our own health, and our own success. Dr. Dorothy shows how, more than genetics, your personal leadership DNA impacts your health.

Dr. Dorothy’s ability to make the complex easily understood is a gift as she provides information and understanding of how much power we have in impacting our own health, and our own success. Dr. Dorothy shows how, more than genetics, your personal leadership style impacts your health.

Seizing the Dream with Passion and Purpose: 5 Steps to Claiming Your Dreams

Dr. Dorothy speaks of the need for dreams in our lives if we are to truly develop our potential, claim our passion, and live our purpose. In addition, our dreams are the visions that give us direction and that call us to invest in our lives and in ourselves.

Regardless of where we are at the moment, if it is seen as preparation for where we are going, we will, ironically, be more fully be invested in our present. Employee engagement, invested parenting, and personal development become the standard. Five simple, but not always easy, steps have consistently been shown to be necessary to get out of your own way, prevent self-sabotage, and fly into the next dream along the way. As an orphan who was raised in the housing projects of So. Boston, became a Catholic nun and an international airline stewardess, a divorced single mother, a psychotherapist, a graduate faculty member, an international speaker and more she has used these steps herself and with thousands of others.

From Orphanage to the Board Room

Dr. Dorothy’s personal story of living in an orphanage, adoption, the housing projects of South Boston, being a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, achieving a PhD and becoming a psychotherapist and so much more shows the power of dreams, faith, and a sense of humor.  Her potent combination of life experience, inspiration, advanced education, proven unique approach and content delivered with a delightful style is a gift in itself.

Her extraordinary journey inspires the audience to know anything is possible if they truly want it and they are willing to invest and pay the price of growing into the dreams they desire becoming everything they are meant to be.  She lifts your audience with laughter, her profound spirituality, her outrageous approach to living, and her amazing joy and passion for life.  Do yourself a favor and share this adventure with her; you will never be the same again.

Concurrent Sessions

  • Living Your Dreams at Work
  • Creating a Dream Culture
  • Dreams, Happiness, and the Bottom Line
  • Women Leaders: The Mindset and Communication Skills Needed
  • Leadership Styles: Strengths & Obstacles
  • Visionary Women: The Changing Face of Power and Leadership

Her Keynotes Are Perfect For

  • National Conferences
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Private Practitioners
  • Start Ups
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Trade and Professional Associations
  • Business and Leadership Organizations
  • Small Business Owners
  • Government
  • Educational Institutions

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