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Dr. Dorothy is “America’s Dream Doctor” and a foremost expert on living the life of your dreams. That’s because Dr. Dorothy lives what she teaches, drawing on her own amazing life story; as a child from an orphanage, later raised in the housing projects of South Boston, Dr. Dorothy learned early she needed to take responsibility and leadership of her own journey and her dreams if her life was going to unfold at all to her liking. Finding her only way out of the projects, she became – a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, a wife, mother, psychotherapist, graduate teacher, clinical instructor at a medical school, a pioneer in the field of integrative health, founder of 4 companies, author, speaker, and finally strategic partner to dreamers and leaders while supporting them in going to the next level.

Create an event they’ll never forget.

Dr. Dorothy connects with the audience through her honesty, authenticity, and her genuine love of people, leaving each person thinking she is talking directly to them. She delights and entertains with her humor and endearing South Boston Irish accent.  She mesmerizes with her inspiring stories.  She awes with her wisdom.

In addition to sharing concepts and philosophies, Dr. Dorothy provides powerful, actionable, real-world advice that attendees can use to make immediate improvements in their lives and their leadership skills. Audiences are literally transformed during and after the event.

Dr. Dorothy engages her audience whenever possible, walking the floor and having those who wish to stand up for a life-changing conversation that inevitably captures the attention and hearts of those watching.  She has the unique ability to create intimate moments while speaking to thousands.

Dr. Dorothy is a member of the National Speakers Association and Past-President of the Connecticut chapter of NSA.  She can present in any format: keynotes, workshops, and even virtual events for audiences of any size: small groups, retreats, conferences, conventions, and stadiums.

Dr. Dorothy custom tailors her presentation content and format to the specific interests and needs of your group.  Her message has universal relevance and appeal.  After all, everyone wants to (and can!) live the life of their dreams while owning the level of leadership required to continue growing personally and professionally.

Dr. Dorothy is the real deal. She is a world class speaker and visionary worthy of any stage in the world.

L. Kay Wilson

Dr. Dorothy provided the best programs we’ve ever had. To call the audience engaged would be an understatement!

Leslie Hammond

May I make a strong suggestion for your keynote next year? Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville!

Judy Imperature

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