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Transition = Freedom to Fly

Transitions can be as frightening as they are liberating yet always we need to be prepared for them since they may show up when we least expect them. Flying through them with minimal pain requires taking risks, being outrageous and never being a “good” girl!

Putting in the Work to Live Your Best Life

In this episode of The Faces of Business learn about the essence of how we all have the opportunity to really live our best life if we put in the work and follow our dreams.

How Your Personality Impacts Your Health

This video looks at our 5 personality styles, how they are expressed from both our strengths and our fears, and how the stress from each impacts our health.

The True Power of Women

In contrast to the power of men, the true power of women is in their intuition, in their inner-knowing, their ability to simply be who they are. Combining the masculine power which is in their ability to do with the ability to intuit shows the true power or women.

How To Become An Effective Purpose-Driven Leader | Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville & Brandon Eastman

Being an effective leader in today’s world of life and business is different. Leaders today face different challenges, with a TOP challenge being aligning purpose with leadership. Becoming a purpose-driven leader will help you advance your career and make a positive difference on the lives of others. Dr. Dorothy will show you how you can align leadership with your purpose!

Leadership of Self and Business – Overcoming Boredom

To succeed in your business and further yourself you have to create the right mindset. My guest, Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, has learned about the power of mindset firsthand and through her teachings. Her success hinged on her curiosity and her mindset.

I’m so excited for you to hear this conversation! You’ll be fascinated by Dorothy’s inspiring story and be ready to take action to improve your mindset and reframe your stories. Press play now to listen to these words of wisdom.

Women Owning Their Power

Owning Your Leadership

We are not meant to be submissive followers. You must claim your leadership, in conjunction with your power, if you are to honestly live your dreams by becoming everything you are meant to be. Even in partnership claiming your leadership allows you to take responsibility for the life you are living and how you are living it.

Owning Your Seat at the Table by Letting the “Good Girl” Die

Slater Success Live Interview with Dorothy A. Martin-Neville

How Your Personality Impacts Your Health

How Your Personality Impacts Your Health:  Your early belief systems, your relationships with yourself and others in addition to how you see yourself in the world, are each a by-product of your particular personality. They all have an impact on your health. Learn why.

Living Life, Passion and Vibrancy

Living life, passion, and vibrancy creates a body that is healthy, healing, and open to so much more.  However, when you are unhappy in your life, surviving the journey, you are creating a multi-level pattern of dis-ease. Consequently, joy is a necessity not a luxury.

The longer story. The bigger picture

In this longer version Dr. Dorothy provides a more intimate, detailed, look into her story of faith, humor, and dreams.

Transforming Your Style of Leadership

Begin with this Leadership Self-Assessment Tool