Transition = Freedom to Fly

Transitions can be as frightening as they are liberating yet always we need to be prepared for them since they may show up when we least expect them. Flying through them with minimal pain requires taking risks, being outrageous and never being a “good” girl!

Claiming Your Dreams and Yourself

Each dream you have leads you and prepares  you for the next one that will follow, whether you know that or not. Each takes you to a vista you never could have had before, allowing you to see further and with greater clarity than you imagined.

Dreams Give Us Passion and Creativity

Passion, excitement and creativity are the gifts dreams provide. They also give the opportunity to truly live this life and no longer survive it realizing that anything is possible.

The True Power of Women

In contrast to the power of men, the true power of women is in their intuition, in their inner-knowing, their ability to simply be who they are. Combining the masculine power which is in their ability to do with the ability to intuit shows the true power or women.

Eliminating Energy Drains

Many of us have messages or beliefs from our past that keep us down. They may be telling us who we should be, who we are not, or what our priorities should be; in any of those instances none of them tell us who we are. Only we can do that and only once we have eliminated those energy drains that keep us from identifying and achieving our dreams.

Reassessing Your Values – Do They Fit the New

As we work to achieve our dreams we are often called to reassess our values, never our integrity but often those values that we learned from others as a child and certainly those that no longer fit the woman we have become and are becoming.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

To truly be fed and challenged enough to grow on many levels you must first leave your comfort zone, take risks, and strive to become everything you are meant to be. At that point, there is no limit to what you can achieve outside of your comfort zone

Owning Your Leadership

We are not meant to be submissive followers. You must claim your leadership, in conjunction with your power, if you are to honestly live your dreams by becoming everything you are meant to be. Even in partnership claiming your leadership allows you to take responsibility for the life you are living and how you are living it.

We could change the world…

We can change the world is the phrase that Dr. Dorothy uses in the closing of this video, in her inspiring message of faith and humor for each of those who watch this 40 minute video of how she came to believe that anything is possible, even changing the world.

Dr. Dorothy Live

In calling an organization of women entrepreneurs to continue dreaming, expanding their current dream or allowing room for another,  Dr. Dorothy speaks of the 5 steps to Claiming Your Dreams.

How Your Personality Impacts Your Health

How Your Personality Impacts Your Health:  Your early belief systems, your relationships with yourself and others in addition to how you see yourself in the world, are each a by-product of your particular personality. They all have an impact on your health. Learn why.

Living Life, Passion and Vibrancy

Living life, passion, and vibrancy creates a body that is healthy, healing, and open to so much more.  However, when you are unhappy in your life, surviving the journey, you are creating a multi-level pattern of dis-ease. Consequently, joy is a necessity not a luxury.

The longer story. The bigger picture

In this longer version Dr. Dorothy provides a more intimate, detailed, look into her story of faith, humor, and dreams.

Transforming Your Style of Leadership

Begin with this Leadership Self-Assessment Tool

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