Some of us, as leaders, go through a series of purpose-expressions, a series of careers, as we grow, learn and become more and more of who we are meant  to be.  Others find one avenue immediately after high school or college and stay with that one expression of their vision throughout much of their life. Whichever path you follow is yours, not right or wrong, just yours..

The one core truth we learn, however, is that whatever path we choose, there will be a continuous series of opportunities for growth or stagnation. For living our truth or being in self-betrayal. Choosing leadership, consciously or otherwise, requires that we be ready to grow in order to deal with all the challenges, opportunities, and expansions that happen as our vision takes on a life of its own. That choosing can support compassion, understanding, and a greater leadership skill as those around us go through their process as well.

As leaders, we are challenged at times to decide if we are ready or even want to grow to that next level, to lead at that level, to become even more of who we are.

If you are human, you will at times want to stop, to breath, to reconsider your choices. That is never a failing, or a weakness, rather it is an amazing gift you give yourself. When you have grown significantly, or when it is time to grow significantly,  stopping to catch up with yourself, to integrate all that is happening, is a smart and solid way of strengthening your foundation, your connection to your Spirit,  to your purpose, and to you.

Use these articles as a means to do that.

Our Blessed Journey

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If your life is like mine, you can feel as If you are being pulled in a hundred directions at any given moment. Regardless of how I say “This is my agenda for the day…..” it appears as if calls, Zoom requests, emails needing responses, friends wanting to connect, and simply life such as dirty dishes and pets needing care,…

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achievement and success

Achievement vs. Success

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For many, the difference between these two words is pure semantics. For others they are a world apart.  What, for you, is the difference if there is any at all? As a follow-up to last week’s letter on Claiming our Divinity and our Health, I see the difference as one that can support inner-peace or create an environment for disease…

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thriving in your vision

Thriving in Your Vision

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Already we are halfway through February. Already we have had one and a half months to get our visions for 2021 up and running. Are you clear on what you want to achieve? On who you want to become? Only with a clear vision are we able to achieve our goals. To have a general idea is only the first…

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how your personality impacts your health

How Your Personality Impacts Your Health

By Health

Before understanding how your personality impacts your health, it is important to understand that regardless of your particular personality style, we all have healthy components to our personality that call us to grow, to expand, and to change, becoming more of who we are meant to be and we all have aspects to our personality that call us to be…

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Small Businesses Can Still Thrive During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Even if your brick-and-mortar business is closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, there are several important things you can do to ensure that your small business thrives and comes back even stronger by the time the pandemic ends. To assist you during this challenging time, we’ve assembled the following list of marketing strategies, collaboration tips for remote teams, and more….

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Visionary Leadership and Healthcare

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Visionary leaders have been assessing and reassessing the medical system within the United States for years. Periodically, piece-meal solutions get implemented with great intent and hope for a smoother operation or more equitable distribution of health services. However, this national healthcare crisis has thrown the slow, piece-meal concept into an obsolete if not destructive state. As we watch the results…

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