Some of us, as leaders, go through a series of purpose-expressions, a series of careers, as we grow, learn and become more and more of who we are meant  to be.  Others find one avenue immediately after high school or college and stay with that one expression of their vision throughout much of their life. Whichever path you follow is yours, not right or wrong, just yours..

The one core truth we learn, however, is that whatever path we choose, there will be a continuous series of opportunities for growth or stagnation. For living our truth or being in self-betrayal. Choosing leadership, consciously or otherwise, requires that we be ready to grow in order to deal with all the challenges, opportunities, and expansions that happen as our vision takes on a life of its own. That choosing can support compassion, understanding, and a greater leadership skill as those around us go through their process as well.

As leaders, we are challenged at times to decide if we are ready or even want to grow to that next level, to lead at that level, to become even more of who we are.

If you are human, you will at times want to stop, to breath, to reconsider your choices. That is never a failing, or a weakness, rather it is an amazing gift you give yourself. When you have grown significantly, or when it is time to grow significantly,  stopping to catch up with yourself, to integrate all that is happening, is a smart and solid way of strengthening your foundation, your connection to your Spirit,  to your purpose, and to you.

Use these articles as a means to do that.

Patti's airbnb

A Success Story – Patti

By Articles, Blog, Coaching, Success, Transition

Like most of us, I sometimes question what I am doing. Depending upon the day, my question may be: “Am I reaching all the people I could and, if not, what do I need to do differently?” or on a larger scale: “Should I simply do everything differently to be more “successful?” When your desire is to help make the…

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family talking about old

A Special Weekend

By Mindset

This weekend was a special weekend with family. My marvelous kid sister mentioned it has been many years since the siblings have all gotten together other than for funerals or major events so we should all drive or fly in for a gathering at her place at Rohoboth Beach, Delaware. Four out of five of us did. One, the “baby,” insisted…

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The Gift Of Making A Decision

By Mindset

I’ve written frequently about mindset and here I go again. Coming at it from the strangest of directions – gardening. It’s that time of year again when mulching needs to be considered and then executed. Do I buy the standard mix of soft and hard woods, to be spread amongst my plants and shrubs etc., and then replace it every…

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expressing gratitude

With Gratitude Optimism Is Sustainable – Michael J. Fox

By Mindset

Every one of us has had those days when it can feel so difficult, if not impossible, to stay optimistic, to stay hopeful, and motivated. Loving your life, your relationships, your business, or even your home, can still on occasion feel overwhelming or limiting, making running away seem like a really great idea. In hearing Michael J Fox speak of…

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weekend at the beach

A Weekend Away

By Mindset

For the first time in years, I went away for the weekend. I had completely lost sight of the gift that leaving home for a short while is. HAVE YOU? For me, it is so easy to get caught up in schedules, routines, and the workload of running a business, and adding onto that, supporting its and my own growth,…

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group of people doing a creative activity

Logic And/Or Creativity?

By Leadership

In expanding my reach and supporting those who grow from my work, I have just completed a 6-part webinar series on Mindfulness. That is followed by a 6-part webinar series on Emotional Intelligence which includes a bonus webinar on Vulnerability. To complete this grouping, I am now recording a 12-part series on States of Being. Consequently, these packages won’t be…

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future mindset

A Future Mindset

By Mindset

At times we can go through our day simply struggling to get to the end of it so we can sleep, stop, breathe, or simply sit. Welcome to humanity! Those days happen to each of us. The difference is that some of us live there as a way of being, while others of us go there on rare occasions when…

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It’s All In Your Mind

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YOU BET IT IS! In listening to a podcast the other day, one of the distinctions that was made about Business Coaches was that some deal with the very pragmatic (theoretically, solely pragmatic) issues of finances, creating business plans, etc. while others deal with mindset. It caused me to do a short meditation on what it is that I do….

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