Some of us, as leaders, go through a series of purpose-expressions, a series of careers, as we grow, learn and become more and more of who we are meant  to be.  Others find one avenue immediately after high school or college and stay with that one expression of their vision throughout much of their life. Whichever path you follow is yours, not right or wrong, just yours..

The one core truth we learn, however, is that whatever path we choose, there will be a continuous series of opportunities for growth or stagnation. For living our truth or being in self-betrayal. Choosing leadership, consciously or otherwise, requires that we be ready to grow in order to deal with all the challenges, opportunities, and expansions that happen as our vision takes on a life of its own. That choosing can support compassion, understanding, and a greater leadership skill as those around us go through their process as well.

As leaders, we are challenged at times to decide if we are ready or even want to grow to that next level, to lead at that level, to become even more of who we are.

If you are human, you will at times want to stop, to breath, to reconsider your choices. That is never a failing, or a weakness, rather it is an amazing gift you give yourself. When you have grown significantly, or when it is time to grow significantly,  stopping to catch up with yourself, to integrate all that is happening, is a smart and solid way of strengthening your foundation, your connection to your Spirit,  to your purpose, and to you.

Use these articles as a means to do that.

Be unique

Flaunting Your Wares – Humbly

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You know those moments when you hear or see something you know is gooood? I had one of those this week with a dear friend, Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery, a woman to be highly admired, and followed. You can follow her on Facebook here and check out her latest program here.     She had created an acronym that caused…

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Transitioning With the Old and the New

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I am beginning a 10-month program for Women in Transition next week and am thrilled at the variety of specialties and approaches to life for each of the women involved. It reminds me that business is such a funny thing in so many ways. We each find our interest, our specialty, often in our 20’s and so frequently think this…

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living your purpose or fear

Living Your Purpose or Fear

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I received this quote today from a friend, Machen MacDonald, who I respect immensely: “Success is about making your purpose greater than your fear.” I wanted to share it with you because it has certainly given me something to think about.  In the past I’ve spoken about Mindfulness plenty, being able to know what you are feeling at any given…

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Boston Duck Tours Bus

The Gifts of Transition

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As a much-needed adventure, I decided that it was time to play tourist and go back home to Boston to see the sites, take a “Duck Tour” (actually ride a vehicle that tours through Boston downtown streets showing major historical points of interest which then goes in the water and glides up the Charles River.) I then took an excursion…

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Illness As The Time to Go Inward

Illness As the Time to Go Inward

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Those who have known my work for decades are well-aware that for me illness, or any disorder, is a time to stop, look inward, and reflect. What stressors have been in your life? What issues are you not dealing with? What possible message could this illness be giving you?  I don’t just say this simply from an academic perspective, I…

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