Some of us, as leaders, go through a series of purpose-expressions, a series of careers, as we grow, learn and become more and more of who we are meant  to be.  Others find one avenue immediately after high school or college and stay with that one expression of their vision throughout much of their life. Whichever path you follow is yours, not right or wrong, just yours..

The one core truth we learn, however, is that whatever path we choose, there will be a continuous series of opportunities for growth or stagnation. For living our truth or being in self-betrayal. Choosing leadership, consciously or otherwise, requires that we be ready to grow in order to deal with all the challenges, opportunities, and expansions that happen as our vision takes on a life of its own. That choosing can support compassion, understanding, and a greater leadership skill as those around us go through their process as well.

As leaders, we are challenged at times to decide if we are ready or even want to grow to that next level, to lead at that level, to become even more of who we are.

If you are human, you will at times want to stop, to breath, to reconsider your choices. That is never a failing, or a weakness, rather it is an amazing gift you give yourself. When you have grown significantly, or when it is time to grow significantly,  stopping to catch up with yourself, to integrate all that is happening, is a smart and solid way of strengthening your foundation, your connection to your Spirit,  to your purpose, and to you.

Use these articles as a means to do that.

Becoming the Light

By Health, Leadership, Mental Health, Spirituality

When day comes, we step out of the shade, aflame and unafraid. The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it. Amanda Gorman   An amazingly gifted poet wrote the above. Her reference point was the actualization of the traditional…

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the energy that sees daily miracles

The Energy that Sees Daily Miracles

By Business Leadership, Health, Leadership, Mental Health, Spirituality

As we move closer to summer, graduations are happening and in these days of Covid some, like my family, were required to watch on YouTube rather than attend in person. This can clearly be a cause for complaints, defiance, grief, resistance, illusions of victimization, or anything else some may choose to claim. Notice, however, that wherever you go, it’s a…

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The Gift of Risking Being Seen

By Business Leadership

For the past few years, I have been blessed with the treasure of 2 amazing girlfriends who are gifts beyond words as we share our wisdom and our experiences with each other; supporting one another in taking our businesses, and ourselves, to the next level. We met at a business conference in Florida, yet we all lived up north. I’d…

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the gift that you are

The Gift that You Are

By Articles, Blog, Business Leadership, Leadership

Have you ever been asked what your unique qualities are?  Have you ever wondered what differentiated you from others in your industry? If you were asked, would you have had the ability to come up with something? At a meeting this week I was asked this question. Initially I couldn’t think of anything to say. “I love what I do.”…

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your values as a leader

Values as your Guidepost – In Leadership and in Life

By Articles, Blog, Business Leadership, Health, Leadership, Mental Health

In accepting that we are all leaders, whether of major organizations, as entrepreneurs, or simply in our homes, a key factor in recognizing how well we are doing is looking at how well we are living our values. Sadly, on occasion when I have asked others what their core values are, they have had no idea: “I’ve never thought about…

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Health Trends for 2021

By Articles, Blog, Health, Spirituality

In a recent webinar that I watched from the Global Wellness Institute, there was a great deal of talk about the trends taking place in health care and wellness. Two major trends revolve around first, gut health as being the precursor to health or dis-ease. It is expected that more and more online videos for maintaining or reclaiming our health…

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Our Blessed Journey

By Articles, Blog, Leadership, Mental Health, Spirituality

If your life is like mine, you can feel as If you are being pulled in a hundred directions at any given moment. Regardless of how I say “This is my agenda for the day…..” it appears as if calls, Zoom requests, emails needing responses, friends wanting to connect, and simply life such as dirty dishes and pets needing care,…

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