Giving Thanks

My guess is that this week you will be receiving an endless number of notices in your emails, FB, and so on, about giving thanks. Most you will simply delete or bypass because there is so much else to do. Taking time to read them can be too distracting from your packed schedule. I understand completely. The objective, really, is…
November 17, 2021

What Do You See?

This week I have had repeated conversations with a variety of folks, clients, family, and associates. Different specifics but the same message. Please listen…….   What you put out into the world through your expectations/attitude is what you will receive. If your glass is half or ¾ empty, there is a reason. If your glass is half or ¼ full there…
November 11, 2021


Have you ever had one of those days where “WHY” seems to be your most basic question?  WHY am I in this profession? WHY is it so hard? So boring? So endless? So redundant? I would say if you are human, you have had that day at least once, if not much more…. When we spend time looking at our…
November 3, 2021

Take Those Risks and Follow Those Dreams

Have you ever noticed that whenever you feel the least bit insecure, someone shows up to convince you, that you shouldn’t even think about taking that risk or doing that “out of the box” thing? Or, how do you become the leader of your own life when it feels as if so many others have opinions that challenge you every…
October 12, 2021
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Vacation Moments!

In speaking with a client today, she spoke of having just returned from an extended family vacation. While sharing some of the experiences she had along with some much-needed wisdom she had received, it was clear that her real surprise was in discovering that until she fully stopped, she never realized how absolutely exhausted she was. Sadly, that is not…
September 16, 2021