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Coaching Programs

Each of these programs has been designed to support you at the many stages of success, growth, and dreams, you have each achieved. It would be my honor to support you in any way I can as you allow the leader within you to shine, define the journey you choose to walk, and fly into the you that you have always known was there.



Along with Power, Impact, and Purpose

A Ten-Month Program for Women in Transition

When you are in a time of major life Transition it’s an opportunity for you to grieve what is being left behind (whether you chose to leave it or not.). For many, it’s actually the dreams they had wanted it to be, rather than what it became that they are grieving.

Recognizing that grief is a part of transition is important. However, the most powerful and exciting parts of transition – yes exciting – are those that call you to envision where you are going and who you want to become. That freedom-based process calls you to create a life you love and one that allows you absolute freedom to be the you you’ve been called to BE.

If you see life as a spiritual journey, you recognize that there is a reason for everything. You are being called to more, to reaching further, to greater risks, to a fuller experience of living passionately, vibrantly, and fully alive. That door closed for a reason even if it is not obvious now.

Too commonly, folks simply replace what was lost with something or someone similar. What if you brought in something or someone that is far more in alignment with who you have become? The previous choice was made before you had the experiences, wisdom, knowledge, and growth you have now. Rather than going back to the who you were when you made the choice that no longer works, why not look at what fits who you are today and who you want to become with new experiences, outlooks, and opportunities?

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One-One Coaching

How do you know when it’s time to Consider One-One Coaching?

People consider private coaching for a variety of reasons, most always at the bottom of it all however is a sense of overwhelm, confusion, and loss. It is as if they have disappeared from their lives while they undertook their dreams, their ambitions, their responsibilities, commitments, and more. Many can’t even remember why they chose as they did.

Questions to consider:

  • Does your mindset or communication style impede your ability to move forward?
  • Have you achieved a dream and realized after the fact that it wasn’t really what you wanted? Do you feel like you made a mistake?
  • Do you have goals but you just can’t seem to make them happen? Or have you forgotten and lost sight of them all together?
  • Are you procrastinating or sabotaging yourself, preventing you from reaching your goals?
  • Have you hit an obstacle and let it stop you? Have you lost your passion, drive, and commitment yet know you can’t just quit?
  • Do you have family and friends who aren’t supportive of your ambitions? Have you fallen into the trap of making other people happy instead of yourself?
  • Are you having trouble trusting your gut and intuition? Is your inner critic getting in the way?
  • Are you struggling to find the resources you need to make your goals/dreams come true?
  • Don’t know what next steps to take TODAY to move you closer to achieving them?

Let me help you get clear, concise, empowered, and energized to reach those dreams and even more, in joy, greater vision, and infinite permission to come alive. Rediscovering who you were but even more who you have become!

Gold: 2 one-hour monthly sessions – After first session which is for 2 hours.

Platinum: 2 one-hour monthly sessions – With bonus of 2 days: 9:00-2;00. One for initial intake and again at half-way assessment. – In person optional for these.

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In this One-One Coaching Session, Dr. Dorothy will assist you with whatever it is you present. She will help you pinpoint your blocks and give you strategies and advice to overcome them, whether it involves your own personal growth, relationships, money, timing, your career, or something else.

Lastly, Dr. Dorothy will give you actionable steps to take away and implement to make significant strides forward in the days and weeks following your session.

In less than an hour, Dr. Dorothy will help you break through whatever is blocking you so leave with passion, purpose, clarity, inspiration, and direction.

A few comments:

“Dr. Dorothy is a powerhouse with a special gift to see right through you, to get to the heart of the matter.” – Larry Ford, CEO, Conscious Capital Wealth Management (add Larry’s credentials)

“I would recommend anyone who is looking for more in life to work with Dr. Dorothy on any level, as it will be life changing for you!” – Jennifer Petrucci

“Dr. Dorothy’s principles and methods have brought me back to the TRUE reality of who I am and what my soul purpose is.” – Lynn Rosario

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The session takes place by Zoom call, therefore, Dr. Dorothy can work with anyone, anywhere. You need not be local to Connecticut to have this life-changing session. It’s your turn!


Women Leaders – C-Suite & Entrepreneurs Network

Receiving the support, growth opportunities, and guidance wanted while connecting with other like-minded powerful women without the fees or expectations of working with a coach individually.

This group supports women in learning from each other. Women have a unique way of doing self-sabotage. A unique set of beliefs, behavior patterns, and fears that prevent them from owing their leadership, or claiming it when they are finally given the role they have worked so hard for. As a result, they can end up dealing with the frustration that comes when they feel unheard, invisible, or overwhelmed.

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The nuances of effective leadership as well as establishing a culture that defines your goals for the department or the company itself, can seem illusive. Yet they are not …They are simply a few steps away.

I am founding the Women Leaders – C-Suite & Entrepreneurs Network with a mission to support the power and authenticity of global women leaders through connection, shared resources, and Master Minding as needed in a safe environment.

Too many leaders are left feeling alone with no one they can truly share their struggles or questions with who both understands their situation and who can also put it in perspective.

This group is help fill that void. Expanding your connections, influence, and support system can only help your growth, your perspective, and your joy.  A think-tank on over-drive!

The ability to laugh at your own craziness, to review a situation at work that may be hitting your blind spot, or the chance to brain storm, plus whatever else you may need can be asked for and delivered.

Because your time is precious and sometimes a lot of words aren’t necessary, the closed Facebook group will be provided for the members of this group who want to post an idea, survey, thought and received feedback if wanted.


  • Ongoing Leadership Development
  • Support & Connection with Peers and Mentors, Master Minding
  • Ever-Present Think Tank – Opportunity to Brainstorm
  • Leadership Resources, Referrals & Networking
  • Private FB Group with ready contact for questions or brainstorming
  • Discount to any programs created throughout your membership.

In addition: 

  • Access to my Leadership Self-Assessment Tool/ Including
  • 1:1 Review of your results.
  • Round Robin Monthly Buddy Mentoring

Leadership Laser Coaching

It is an absolute delight to support you on your journey of achieving your dreams and so much more while becoming the leader you want to be.

If you want to work with me 1:1 for a year, in a rapid, no story-time, direct, format sign up below. My availability to work personally is limited and this is an excellent opportunity to focus, act, and become the leader you need in your life.
Here are the details

  • You get two 15-minute laser coaching calls with me per month.
  • You will get an email, with a link to my calendar so that we can have our first coaching session together (the first session is 30 minutes instead of 15 so that I can get to know you better). You set the agenda with each call.
  • On the call, we will get focused on your leadership goals and come up with your ‘to do list’ that we agree on and start from there!
  • You must complete your ‘to do’ before our next call happens.

It’s that simple and it’s only $10,000 for a FULL YEAR of coaching with me.

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Transforming Your Style of Leadership

Begin with this Leadership Self-Assessment Tool

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