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Speaker Transformation:

Beginner to Professional in 6 Easy Steps

Make money speaking professional speaker

Your Dream of Becoming a Paid Professional Public Speaker is About to Blossom

NSA-CT Past-President Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, will share insider secrets that help you transform from a Beginner to a Professional Speaker.

Download the webinar and discover invaluable steps to follow as you grow in your new career. Dr. Dorothy will be discussing these important topics:

Step 1

Speaker Contracts

Fees, travel expenses, cancellations, recording rights and getting paid.

Step 2

Pre-Event Check Sheets

Know your audience, create the most personalized event possible

Step 3

Post-Event Check Sheets

Testimonials, leads, referrals, reviews and building your community

Step 4

Getting Engagements

Know your message inside and out / finding the perfect contacts

Step 5

Insider Secrets

Concurrent sessions, product sales and much more

Step 6

Selling From The Back Of The Room

Always have a product. You could make more money from selling products than talk!

Learn It All

for only $97

Beginner speakers generally fall into two categories:

Speakers who want to share a message they believe in.

Speakers who want to promote a product.

In either case, knowing some of the basics to have in place before you start makes your experience so much easier and your reputation as a professional so much stronger. Bring your questions or send them in beforehand to guarantee they get answered

Full Access to:

The Presentation Contracts

Checklists / Handouts

Full Webinar Recording

That’s not all! Dr. Dorothy is including important bonuses to help you realize the dream of launching your speaking career.

Bonus: How to Write the Perfect Introduction

Bad introductions can destroy your talk before you begin!

Save yourself from years of trial and error and get on the right track today!

Click to download the webinar!