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Testimonial From a Global Leader

Teresa de Grosbois
CEO of the Evolutionary Business Council

Whether as a speaker, author, or Leadership Coach, my goal is always to support those who are truly searching to come fully alive, passionately, and vibrantly. Transformational and business leadership, along with a transformational life, is achieved by being willing to consciously jump in with your heart, mind, and soul wide open. My work is to help you do just that – in whatever format you need or desire.

The messages that miracles happen every day, there are no limits to what we can achieve if we can see it, and that living consciously, mindfully, and with emotional intelligence, allows us to discover the joy, peace, and authenticity we always wanted, are a constant theme in my work.

Although the goal is always the same, each client, book, or speaking engagement, is completely different, so that each experience is unique and completely personal and intimate for you. This work is a dance between the two of us, or the audience, in bringing all of us alive in ways we only dreamed of, and usually far more. It is pragmatic, as well as motivational and transformative.

Frequently, whether working with clients individually or in a group, as a starter, I hear them telling me they are one way at home and another way at the office. My Self-Assessment Leadership Tool helps them to understand how they walk through (and energetically create) their life, leadership, relationships, along with their own emotional, spiritual, and physical health. It’s a fun and freeing step into self-awareness and the beginning of transformational change! We are who we are everywhere we go. Recognizing that is the first step since we cannot lead others until we fully know how to lead ourselves…

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Dr. Dorothy’s 25+ years of combined experiences as a psychologist and a coach have certainly created a solid foundation for understanding the inner-most workings of her clients and their teams.

Her experiences growing-up in the housing projects of South Boston, combined with a powerful spirituality from her years as a Catholic nun, and the sophistication from her years of global travel as an international airline stewardess, have created a personality uniquely her’s.

After the business awareness from decades of founding and running 4 companies, fueled with the love and compassion from being a Mom and a Nana, it is only natural that her highly successful clients readily re-up to work with her year after year.

Her reputation where she is told “You hold my heart while you kick my ass.” started as a massive compliment from a client who believed that not only was her career radically changed, but her life, her relationships, and even her dreams changed. Not buying the stories clients can tell themselves or the illusionary limitations they can accept, calls her clients to dig deep into the reality of who they are, what they want, and what is needed to achieve it. Together they claim it all.

Take a risk, claim your life purpose, and a career you never imagined. Call for an appointment to see if you are ready!

Leadership styles vary enormously yet for any approach to be effective it needs to reflect all of who you are with your mind/heart/and life purpose present and accounted for. Without even one of these elements your life and your career simply becomes one of survival. Learn more.

Inspiring and thought provoking. Dr. Dorothy is a true speaking professional.

Lisa Lelas

Dr. Dorothy is a powerhouse with a special gift to see right through you, to get to the heart of the matter.

Larry Ford

This work has brought me back to the TRUE reality of who I am and what my soul purpose is.

Lynn Rosario

If you are just starting out, are a seasoned professional and have hit a wall or plateau or just feel that you can be more than you are at the moment - Dr. Dorothy will help you get you to your “best self”!

Lois Aberle Kraus

Dorothy is a heart-centered business woman and seeks to help others by focusing on what is right with the whole person.

V1H Consulting

Dr. Dorothy is a leadership coach and speaker that can analyze your leadership style and leverage your existing strengths to produce tangible results in your business, corporation, and lifestyle. I highly recommend her services for your growth and development.

Shadeed Eleazer

[Dr. Dorothy] cares about helping people and has years of experience.

Legal Shield Independent Associate

Dorothy is an expert in working with the human condition.. glad she is sharing her gifts by speaking and writing

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Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

An international speaker, Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville, has brought her message through keynote events, TEDx, radio, and TV into nine countries. Her messages of leadership, transformation, change management , and the need for risk and growth, inspire, motivate, and drive her audiences to action.

As a dynamic, out-of-the-box, motivational speaker, who can open, close, and solidify a conference, she speaks to leadership, communication, mindset, change, and the transformational power needed both in the C Suite and throughout the company..

As the founder of 4 companies Dr. Dorothy, with a PhD in Psychology, brings experience, wisdom, and humor as only someone who has walked the walk can do. In addition, she offers pragmatic tools for change, problem solving, and growth leaving her audiences laughing, inspired, and ready to create change within themselves and their company as soon as they leave the auditorium.

Values and Traits

  • Servant Leadership
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Power, Passion, Purpose

Support Purpose-Driven Organizations

  • Become Employee Centric
  • Open to a Greater Vision
  • Develop Healthy Productive Relationships
  • Create Open Lines of Communication
  • Initiate a Cohesive Team Approach in Achieving Success


Transforming Your Style of Leadership

Begin with this Leadership Self-Assessment Tool