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As a the founder of 4 companies, with an extensive array of personalities and leadership positions on her staff, Dr. Dorothy became well-aware of the joys and difficulties that companies can face as they expand, innovate, or change services. In addition, over the years of working with companies that are merging, expanding, or about to release a new innovation, she has seen the extensive array of “immediate” actions that need to be taken. Not only is that overwhelming for those in the C Suite but for everyone else down the chain.

The solid, pragmatic, and far-reaching approach of transformational leadership is the innovative tool needed to create leaders throughout the organization capable of dealing with any change. With the trends today leading to purpose-driven businesses, and employee-centric organizations, productivity is increasing at a significantly greater rate. Employees certainly want to make money but they also want to make a difference. Employee engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction are dependent upon the purpose being embedded in the culture of the company from the top down.

Identifying your company purpose, while having all the of upper and lower management on board, not simply giving lip service, is what transforms a company and creates a culture and organization that last. Whatever difficulties arise the stated purpose needs to be the North Star for all solutions.  In addition, it has been shown that customer loyalty is increasing dependent upon a purpose they identify with as well. Whether dealing with an immediate need or projected growth, Dr. Dorothy’s expertise can support the transformation of your company‘s leaders.

As you know, the most successful organizations are those that have the right leadership at the top working effectively as a team with a wide variety of styles and perspectives to ensure creative and organizational thinking that can readily change and adapt as needed. An alive culture in alignment with the direction of the business, with authentic thought leadership at the top, and committed to developing the leaders needed for today and in the future is the ticket to success.

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Team Effectiveness

Smooth running and high performing teams require leaders who know their people. They need to recognize the personality dynamics and work styles each member brings to the table while understanding how to get the most out of each one. Shared vision, purpose, values, and objectives are imperative. A developed leader should be able to recognize personality conflict, power struggles, and the continuous need for team development and role definition.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers frequently create difficulties which are unexpected even by the most well-prepared.

Two or more cultures merging to create one unified culture that embraces the best of each, brings out the defensive stance of those feeling inept and insecure in the midst of  change. Conflict amongst top management, recognizing weak mid-level leadership, insecurities in the face of greatly expanded responsibilities, and the need for promotion and demonstration of the new culture, all put a huge burden on a newly blended leadership team. Finally knowing who fits or can be taught to fit into the culture or new position requires immediate attention before hostile and/or destructive, reactionary patterns develop.

Culture, Talent and Strategy

The current trend toward a purpose-driven culture can require minor or dramatic shifts throughout an organization. Various personality or leadership styles will acclimate easily while others that prefer a more autocratic, linear view of power can have greater difficulty. The “old” way is no longer sufficient or supporting the creative and innovate development needed to stay a head of the game so changes must be made. New talent is needed to bring in the breath of fresh air many companies need and yet a clear strategic hiring plan needs to be in place supporting both long-term and short- term goals.

CEO and Senior Leadership Development

Senior leadership development and/or coaching needs can result from any number of circumstances. A new CEO, a change in the political hierarchy of the organization, or even a personal issue such as divorce or a major loss.  Regardless, whether personal or company related, when a member of the senior leadership team is experiencing a difficulty that has impact on performance, the sooner support is provided the better. Developed expertise, a change in perspective, and the ability to keep balance or create constructive change is needed for continuous growth.