In her Motivational Keynotes, Dr. Dorothy teaches and proves that anything is possible.  She shows us that dreams aren’t just for some, they are for all.  Her witty, heartfelt, and uplifting talks resonate with people, wherever they are at on their personal paths to their dreams.

In life you often believe you get only one bite at the apple, one chance to get it right. Dr. Dorothy has shown me we have unlimited "bites", and it's never too late!

Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton

'Thank you' are not really the words I would pick, but at the moment they are all I can find. I am inspired by you.

Sara Barron


Heart Health for Women: A Unique and Alternative Approach: The Impact of Relationships on Heart Health

For decades, heart problems were considered to be a man’s issue. However, once women entered the work force with great ambitions they eventually came to exceed men in the propensity for heart attacks and heart disease. With so many pressures, including a frequent pattern of being pulled between being with their children and wanting or needing to work, their heart pays a price. Frequently it is said “My heart is pulled.” And it is. In addition, because the symptoms are so different from those of men, problems often go undetected until much later, consequently, more women than men die of heart disease and heart attacks. With warmth, understanding, and hope, Dr. Dorothy shows how amazing it is that women intuitively know a great deal about our hearts and yet how little we actually work with what we know.

Yes, the propensity for heart disease or heart attacks may be genetic – for some it is and – yet for some who are afflicted there is no medially history. Regardless, of the origin of the issue, heart health is something we have power over. Power to both change our present medical story and the power to change our future. In this presentation she calls us to begin by looking at our personality to continue, or begin, a healthy diet, as well as exercise but most importantly to know that we are holistic beings, we are walking holograms, and our emotions and relationship styles impact our heart immensely.

How Your Personality Impacts Your Health

This talk is a humorous yet insightful adventure into self-understanding and the possibilities for change in behavior and beliefs in order to support your health. Dr. Dorothy offers a common sense, and well-researched, look into how our personality impacts our health while explaining how different personalities hold their stress differently. Some are more prone to migraines when heavily stressed, while others tend to get strep throats, or back problems, etc.

Understanding your particular personality, its strengths and weaknesses, along with the diseases most common to your particular approach to life, let’s you see the changes that are possible and how they can be eliminated or at least minimized. Dr. Dorothy’s ability to make the complex easily understood is a gift as she provides information and understanding of how much power we have in impacting our own health. Because how you hold your stress varies according to your particular personality style. Dr. Dorothy shows how, more than genetics, your personality impacts your health.

Seizing the Dream with Passion and Purpose: 5 Steps to Claiming Your Dreams

Dr. Dorothy speaks of the need for dreams in our lives if we are to truly develop our potential, claim our passion, and live our purpose. In addition, our dreams are the visions that give us direction and that call us to invest in our lives and in ourselves.

Regardless of where we are at the moment, if it is seen as preparation for where we are going, we will, ironically, be more fully be invested in our present. Employee engagement, invested parenting, and personal development become the standard. Five simple, but not always easy, steps have consistently been shown to be necessary to get out of your own way, prevent self-sabotage, and fly into the next dream along the way. As an orphan who was raised in the housing projects of So. Boston, became a Catholic nun and an international airline stewardess, a divorced single mother, a psychotherapist, a graduate faculty member, an international speaker and more she has used these steps herself and with thousands of others.

From Orphanage to the Board Room

Dr. Dorothy’s personal story of living in an orphanage, adoption, the housing projects of South Boston, being a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, achieving a PhD and becoming a psychotherapist and so much more shows the power of dreams, faith, and a sense of humor.  Her potent combination of life experience, inspiration, advanced education, proven unique approach and content delivered with a delightful style is a gift in itself.

Her extraordinary journey inspires the audience to know anything is possible if they truly want it and they are willing to invest and pay the price of growing into the dreams they desire becoming everything they are meant to be.  She lifts your audience with laughter, her profound spirituality, her outrageous approach to living, and her amazing joy and passion for life.  Do yourself a favor and share this adventure with her; you will never be the same again.

Concurrent Sessions

  • Potential, Passion, and Purpose: The 5 Steps to Claiming Your Dreams
  • Pursuing Your Dreams Through Life Transitions
  • How Dreams Affect Happiness, and How Happiness Affects Your Health
  • Anything is Possible – Breaking Through the Barriers to Your Dreams
  • Believing in You, Even if Others Don’t
  • Dream It Forward – Living Your Dreams by Helping Others Live Theirs
  • Dr. Dorothy’s Personal Transformation Story: From Orphan to Living the American Dream

Personal Keynotes Are Great For:

  • Graduation from high school and college
  • Marriage and divorce
  • Birth of a child
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Illness
  • Empty-nesting
  • Retirement
  • Veterans returning home from war
  • Job loss or gain

While Dr. Dorothy does have a spiritual (not religious) quality to her personality and message, her approach is hip, secular, and mainstream.  People of all faiths (and those who don’t subscribe to a faith) are greatly moved and inspired by her presentations.

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