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professional woman questioning something

The Power Of A Question

I am almost finished in redesigning my Leadership Self-Assessment Tool that supports leaders in understanding their style of leadership. I have developed Thought Leader – Team Leader – Supportive Leader – Visionary Leader & Organizational Leader. Each with different strengths, vulnerabilities, beliefs, and stress patterns, along with the diseases and disorders those of each style are predisposed to, based on…
December 3, 2023
looking at a busy calendar on a desk

Fluidity And Fortune

About 8 months ago I decided to give myself a gift and take Mondays and Fridays to do the “backroom” things involved in having a business. I also thought that on occasion, I could grab lunch with a friend as well. Mostly, those days were when I could put on leggings and a sweatshirt and write content, plan videos, create…
November 16, 2023
Morning cup of coffee with gratitude

Waking And Sleeping With Gratitude

This morning I woke up to hearing rain pouring against the roof and wind blowing outside the window. I don‘t know about you but I LOVE that sound. I always, almost spontaneously, offer a quick prayer of thanksgiving for my warm bed, my warm, dry, home, and the gift of so many blessings.  It reminds me of a conversation a…
November 12, 2023
reflection in a mirror
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Periods Of Reflection

Frequently during this past week, I heard myself saying:” Don’t go looking for logic, there isn’t any.”  Whether I was very critically going over in my head that I had talked too much at a dinner, or at another moment saying: “Why don’t you ever speak up?” Which message was correct? Probably both...  After sharing it all with girlfriends, the…
October 29, 2023
woman focusing

More Than One Thing At A Time – One Focus

Recently I wrote about focusing on one thing at a time, one task, one project, etc. and bringing simplicity into your life. That way of being is a great way to be at peace, resulting in joy and satisfaction with life. As I have been reframing my work, seeing clients and patients on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday, and using Mondays…
August 24, 2023
group of happy women enjoying life

Moving Beyond A Myth

“The myth of normal is a cloak that disguises the immense diversity and complexity of the human experience, obscuring the truth that we are all vulnerable and flawed, yet capable of extraordinary resilience and growth.”                                                  …
July 30, 2023
family talking about old

A Special Weekend

This weekend was a special weekend with family. My marvelous kid sister mentioned it has been many years since the siblings have all gotten together other than for funerals or major events so we should all drive or fly in for a gathering at her place at Rohoboth Beach, Delaware. Four out of five of us did. One, the “baby,” insisted…
May 28, 2023

The Gift Of Making A Decision

I’ve written frequently about mindset and here I go again. Coming at it from the strangest of directions – gardening. It’s that time of year again when mulching needs to be considered and then executed. Do I buy the standard mix of soft and hard woods, to be spread amongst my plants and shrubs etc., and then replace it every…
May 19, 2023