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a group of friends celebrating each other

A Call To Compassion And One Humanity

Last night I watched the new Julie Roberts movie, Leave the World Behind. This is a movie along the lines of apocalyptic movies and yet not. While watching it I kept thinking “this is going someplace but where?” After it ended, I was left with this incomplete, yet dreaded feeling that this is a political? social? religious? commentary on our…
December 17, 2023
year end parties

Your Year End Cycle

This time of year, with all the catching up or completion of unfinished projects that needs to take place, life can show you the ways in which you have avoided thinking, feeling, or dealing. It can also show you, if you care to see, the ways in which you got lost along the way. Reflecting on the past year now,…
December 10, 2023
looking at a busy calendar on a desk

Fluidity And Fortune

About 8 months ago I decided to give myself a gift and take Mondays and Fridays to do the “backroom” things involved in having a business. I also thought that on occasion, I could grab lunch with a friend as well. Mostly, those days were when I could put on leggings and a sweatshirt and write content, plan videos, create…
November 16, 2023
gift of time

The Gift Of Time

I get a number of business newsletters via email. Most I unsubscribe from, but a few educate or cause me to stop and think about something, those I keep. I just love learning. It is so worth the time. In addition, today I had a call with someone I haven’t spoken to in a long while. Time was on both…
October 18, 2023
Professionals engaged in leadership coaching training

Values And The Ideal Life

I’ve started doing daily videos, Monday through Friday, which are posted on my YouTube channel, LinkedIn, and my professional Facebook page. Recently, I did one on "What Does Success Mean to You"? I asked that question because success means something different to every one of us. Even if two people say “a happy marriage,” does a happy marriage look identical…
September 24, 2023
the gifts of independence and choice

The Gifts Of Independence And Choice

In listening to a recording of a commencement speech that Denzel Washington gave, he spoke about his many failures and his many opportunities to give up, in addition to his phenomenal success. We have all had all three. Amazingly, in this time of celebrating independence, and having the ability to make choices, to take risks, to fail, and to then…
July 8, 2023
Patti's airbnb

A Success Story – Patti

Like most of us, I sometimes question what I am doing. Depending upon the day, my question may be: “Am I reaching all the people I could and, if not, what do I need to do differently?” or on a larger scale: “Should I simply do everything differently to be more “successful?” When your desire is to help make the…
June 3, 2023