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a man and a woman finishing a project

Almost There

What happens for you when you are almost there? When are you almost done with a project that you have been working on for a long time? Almost there in achieving what you never thought you would achieve yet kept marching towards, nonetheless? Almost there in a career you have devoted your life to? I have seen two distinct reactions.…
April 24, 2024
woman watering her plants

The Value of Knowing

I took the day last Saturday to do nothing but “be.” I watered my plants, stripped the bed, did laundry, etc.  All the things that allow me to feel as if I am fixing up my little nest while letting go of the rest of the world. For you it may be reading a paper, working in a greenhouse, a…
April 3, 2024
women working out at the gym

A New Level Of Health For A New Year

As a new year begins with new hopes, or renewed hopes, one thing we know for certain is that it takes good health to be able to do most of what we desire. I am not talking about gym membership, or pledges to walk 5 miles a day. I am thinking about a far deeper level of awareness of how…
January 7, 2024
professional woman questioning something

The Power Of A Question

I am almost finished in redesigning my Leadership Self-Assessment Tool that supports leaders in understanding their style of leadership. I have developed Thought Leader – Team Leader – Supportive Leader – Visionary Leader & Organizational Leader. Each with different strengths, vulnerabilities, beliefs, and stress patterns, along with the diseases and disorders those of each style are predisposed to, based on…
December 3, 2023
choosing transformation

Choosing Transformation

In speaking about my new company, The Transformational Institute, to others, it kept coming to me that my life has been all about learning, teaching, and transforming myself? A woman who attended a LinkedIn Live I did a few weeks ago, whom I hadn’t seen in decades, said she was shocked at the woman I had become. It was so…
June 29, 2023