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Some of us, as leaders, go through a series of purpose-expressions, a series of careers, as we grow, learn and become more and more of who we are meant  to be.  Others find one avenue immediately after high school or college and stay with that one expression of their vision throughout much of their life. Whichever path you follow is yours, not right or wrong, just yours..

The one core truth we learn, however, is that whatever path we choose, there will be a continuous series of opportunities for growth or stagnation. For living our truth or being in self-betrayal. Choosing leadership, consciously or otherwise, requires that we be ready to grow in order to deal with all the challenges, opportunities, and expansions that happen as our vision takes on a life of its own. That choosing can support compassion, understanding, and a greater leadership skill as those around us go through their process as well.

As leaders, we are challenged at times to decide if we are ready or even want to grow to that next level, to lead at that level, to become even more of who we are.

If you are human, you will at times want to stop, to breath, to reconsider your choices. That is never a failing, or a weakness, rather it is an amazing gift you give yourself. When you have grown significantly, or when it is time to grow significantly,  stopping to catch up with yourself, to integrate all that is happening, is a smart and solid way of strengthening your foundation, your connection to your Spirit,  to your purpose, and to you.

Use these articles as a means to do that.

powerful person personality

What Is A Powerful Person

By Articles, Blog, Coaching, Energy, Mental Health

In my 20+ years as a psychotherapist seeing 42 patients a week, I learned an immense amount of practical knowledge about working with strong and/or manipulative personalities. I also learned to see quite clearly the distinction between powerful personalities and powerful people. Believe it or not, there is a vast difference. A strong personality is frequently someone who has a…

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flowers in the snow

One Of Those Days

By Transition

Have, and I hope you have, had one of those days, or even weeks, where life is just filled with excitement, potential, and freedom? Today is one of those days!  I’ve had these wonderful experiences throughout the week yet, for balance perhaps, moments of “Why am I here?” have also surfaced.  My experience is such that, when we are ready…

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woman climbing a mountain peak

New Dreams

By Uncategorized

It is such a delight to meet people who give themselves permission to have a new dream or a new approach to an old dream. In the past, often I heard people telling me that they had a dream at one point, and they were too old to change it now. We are NEVER too old especially since some of…

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a group of friends celebrating each other

A Call To Compassion And One Humanity

By Articles, Blog, Mindset, Success

Last night I watched the new Julie Roberts movie, Leave the World Behind. This is a movie along the lines of apocalyptic movies and yet not. While watching it I kept thinking “this is going someplace but where?” After it ended, I was left with this incomplete, yet dreaded feeling that this is a political? social? religious? commentary on our…

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popcorn and family on christmas

Christmas Expectations

By Articles, Blog, Mental Health, Mindset, Values

Most newsletters sent out today or tomorrow are usually wonderfully inspiring and ethereal. That is such a gift.   However, I would like to provide another approach. As a psychotherapist in private practice for 25+ years, this time of year – November 15th to January 15th, extra appointments were always the norm…. Why? Expectations. It is true that this time of…

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year end parties

Your Year End Cycle

By Articles, Blog, Energy, Mindset, Success

This time of year, with all the catching up or completion of unfinished projects that needs to take place, life can show you the ways in which you have avoided thinking, feeling, or dealing. It can also show you, if you care to see, the ways in which you got lost along the way. Reflecting on the past year now,…

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professional woman questioning something

The Power Of A Question

By Articles, Blog, Mindfulness, Mindset, Transformation, Transition

I am almost finished in redesigning my Leadership Self-Assessment Tool that supports leaders in understanding their style of leadership. I have developed Thought Leader – Team Leader – Supportive Leader – Visionary Leader & Organizational Leader. Each with different strengths, vulnerabilities, beliefs, and stress patterns, along with the diseases and disorders those of each style are predisposed to, based on…

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