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Understand Your Potential

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A New Story. A New Future.

Our leadership style is a byproduct of our innate strengths, background, life experiences, and values. Consequently, it is ever-evolving to reflect the person we are choosing to become.

In my past, personal leadership was imperative to change and survive the circumstances of my life. Later, as the founder of 4 companies, I learned much more about leading others and not just myself. As I developed those on my leadership team, I became aware of the wide variety of styles and approaches, noticing what worked and what didn’t.

For the five styles of leadership I have expanded within this ebook, each possess very different qualities; is called to different positions; and, each lives their leadership in dramatically different ways. When you know your style, your unique kind of leadership, and you live it, leadership comes naturally and everyone recognizes the healthy power/authority and leadership that you carry and exude.

Without that important awareness people tend to define their power in a limited or defended way and confuse control and power as if they were the same.  They struggle for control in order to feel powerful. Ironically, powerful people never control. They don’t need to. In contrast, controlling people are fear-filled and lack the confidence needed to effectively lead which sadly and ironically makes them even more controlling.

Powerful people simply are…  They become leaders simply because they exist. They know the style of leadership that best suits them and they are naturally comfortable in their own skin. It is a natural byproduct of their lives, their choices, and how they are experienced or seen by others.

Join me in learning your style, your approach, and your authentic powerful leadership. It will make all the difference in your life, your career, and your relationships.

Now, as an author, international speaker, member of several boards and proud mentor, I’m using my 30+ years of experience to help others become the best leaders possible so that they can lead inspired teams or companies of their own, while living a life of purpose.

My newest eBook, “Owning Your Leadership,” offers personable insight, tangible tips, and, of course, a little tough love in order to help you become the most confident, inspirational leader possible.

“We are all called to leadership – of our lives – our planet – and the world we choose to co-create.”

Ready to Live Your Dreams?

Own Your Leadership.

Especially if you are a woman who is ready to grow and step into your next challenge as a leader, this ebook is for you. Whether you’re just beginning on your path or you’re a veteran in your field, there is always more you can do to become a better leader and live a more fulfilling life. So, join me. Take a deep breath, then take the first step.

“When we fear not being “enough” we have lost sight of being more than was ever imagined.”

What You’ll Learn

When you read “Owning Your Leadership” you get more than just some handy advice written down on a page — you commit to a positive lifestyle change. From exploring the importance of emotional intelligence to discovering tangible tips on how to become a commanding thought leader, consider this your personal guide to becoming an inspirational leader.

Highlights include:

  • #1 proven strategy to create continued growth and achievements,
    personally and professionally.
  • Strengths, vulnerabilities, beliefs, and patterns of the 5 Archetypes of Leadership.
  • Key to unlocking your personal power so you can own your leadership, lead your team, love your life, and live your purpose with power, authority and gusto.

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