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Successful man juggling priorities

Letting The Boxes Go

I had an interesting series of conversations over the last few days, in Dallas, NYC, with potential clients, and with friends here In CT as well. The location soon became irrelevant, since one key point frequently showed up. When we choose to make major shifts in any one area of our life, that shift affects every other area in our…
May 15, 2024
Your five people

Who Are Your Five People?

This has been a week of change, shifts, growths, and healthcare. Amazing all the things that can fit into one week…  In service to my own self-care, about six months ago I decided to only see clients and patients three days a week. I wanted to take two days a week to work ON my business, expanding it and expanding…
August 13, 2023
couple dancing on the beach

Are You Listening or Hearing?

Today I had an experience that I had long forgotten about. Years ago, my private practice was primarily with individual patients but on occasion I would work with couples at their request. Today brought back so many memories when I saw a couple in my office. I repeated in the beginning, as I always did, “I don’t see good guys…
March 5, 2023

The Four Agreements

I had an interesting conversation with a friend/business associate this week, and one of the key points I made was about the necessity of knowing what your integrity looks like. It will frequently be challenged by numerous situations which arise, some offering you options to short-cut, to let a touch of integrity go, or to rationalize to justify a particular…
February 26, 2023
women in transition
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A Smorgasbord Week

This is one of those weeks where life is a smorgasbord of activities. Some have been incredibly sad, some wonderfully exciting, others simply demanding so much time and creativity, and thankfully also those moments that are pure bliss. It is so easy to become ungrounded, reactionary, and angry in the midst of such emotional turmoil and seemingly conflicting emotions. Haven’t…
September 23, 2022
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It Is Only a Small Period of Time

Speaking with clients this week I became aware that so many are speaking about the difficulties that have arisen after two years of having to stay home, avoid others, and live as a recluse in so many ways. The initial delight at slowing down, a time for themselves, time to catch up on missed shows, books they had wanted to…
January 21, 2022