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What Story Do You Choose?

Today was one of those wondrous days that show up on occasion where everything just seems to flow. I started my day giving an 8-minute overview of my life and my career to a networking group I cannot recommend too highly The Networking Group out of NYC but which, due to the gifts of Covid, is now national where I…
July 8, 2022
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Humor, Faith, and Miracles

As you prepare for the summer months, warmer weather, and more outdoor activities, from outdoor concerts, picnics, trips to vineyards, and so much more, it can become easier to find balance in life. Nonetheless, however, that balance is a choice. Learning to breathe rather than react, learning to look for alternative approaches rather than getting frustrated, enraged, or giving up,…
June 3, 2022
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What’s Your Message?

Do you know? Although my message, and my life purpose, have been basically the same over all these years, their presentation has consistently developed and varied to fit a new audience or a new way of expressing what I do. Whether I was working with abuse survivors, couples, women in transition, people dealing with illness, emotional, spiritually, or physically or,…
May 12, 2022
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Leadership and Health?

This week happened to be one of those weeks where I was in many conversations about what I do. My standard response is “Leadership Coach and Consultant.”  I believe however, like so many of us “What do you do?” could have a thesis response and it still wouldn’t fill in all the gaps... What do I do? I change the…
April 27, 2022
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Humor and Faith

I’ve just completed facilitating a 3-day global conference that was a year in the making. I had an incredible team working with me who each brought their A-game to the table. If I do say so myself, they were a gift beyond words. For the first half of the planning stage, we dealt with people leaving the team due to…
February 10, 2022
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Starting the Year Off With a Dream

Another week begins. As an Executive Leadership Coach, I have supported clients through mergers where not only did they need to grow their companies and their visions, they needed to grow themselves so that they could lead an even greater sized company.  It had never dawned on them that they would need to be a greater-sized self as well… When…
January 12, 2022