These past few days I have worked with three different clients, all highly accomplished (think lawyer etc.) and yet one theme has permeated every single call……

“I know I know but I am so scared, lacking in confidence, filled with self-doubt, etc. etc. etc.”

Please help me see what to do.” Slightly different, yet all the same message…

 My heart could easily break for each of these wonderful people. However, I am aware that they do know, they do have what it takes, and they do have the ability to grow themselves and their businesses any way they choose.

It is simple even if not easy. Everything in life is energetics. Our energy defines for us what we accomplish and what we believe. It defines our journey. We are so amazingly accomplished, so capable, and so experienced, yet when we believe that all that is irrelevant, that only our limitations and our fears have power, then we are lost before we start. We have created struggle rather than challenge.

If you believe at all in the law of attraction, you are aware that when we put out energy of failure, guess what? When we put out energy of stuck or confusion, guess what? When we put out energy of hope, guess what? 

What if we put out energy of success, and of expectation that all will work for our betterment? What if we truly accepted that everything in life is energetic and we are the masters of our own energy?

We define the lens through which we see life.  Is it working for you or working against you? Everyone of us has moments of struggle. Every one of us has moments when it may appear hopeless, an endless struggle, or not worth the trip. Welcome to humanity. How long we stay there however is up to us. A few minutes, a few hours or a few years, it’s all our choice.

If it’s not something you can shift on your own, do as these folks did, get help. Whether it’s a coach, a therapist, or even a friend who will help change your energy or dramatically help change what is happening in our business and/or your life, make that call.

Life is a journey, an adventure, to be enjoyed. Perspective, and at times support, can guarantee you see it that way if you are open. My youngest granddaughter went to Florida this week to visit a friend. I just texted to say – “I hope the adventure is going amazingly, if not, remember it is still an adventure…” May we all walk with that thought!


About Dorothy

Dr. Dorothy’s life story of coming from an orphanage, being raised in the housing projects of South Boston, becoming a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, a wife, mother, graduate faculty member, Clinical Instructor at a Medical School, and so much more provides the perfect backdrop for her message of joy, humor, passion and faith as the necessary tools for life.