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Dr. Dorothy’s life story of coming from an orphanage, being raised in the housing projects of South Boston, becoming a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, a wife, mother, graduate faculty member, Clinical Instructor at a Medical School, and so much more provides the perfect backdrop for her message of joy, humor, passion and faith as the necessary tools for life.

validation versus confirmation

Validation Versus Confirmation

Imagine someone says:  “That project came out great.” versus “That project came out great; clearly you put your heart and soul into it.”   With the first, the confirmation of what you know, it did come out great, feels good. Someone saw what you did. With the other, someone saw you in addition to what you did. That feels so much…
May 1, 2024
a man and a woman finishing a project

Almost There

What happens for you when you are almost there? When are you almost done with a project that you have been working on for a long time? Almost there in achieving what you never thought you would achieve yet kept marching towards, nonetheless? Almost there in a career you have devoted your life to? I have seen two distinct reactions.…
April 24, 2024
woman taking a moment to breath and think

Forging Ahead

We have all had those moments when stopping in our tracks, sitting down, and just not moving anywhere seems like the best option.  Whether that’s because we have been overworking, feeling depressed, unmotivated, or just plain disinterested, sometimes stopping allows us to simply catch up with ourselves before seeing what’s next. That concept may seem counterintuitive to success or progress…
April 21, 2024
know your values

Do You Know Your Values?

This may sound like a strange question since, of course you do, is the logical response, yet… My LinkedIn profile says: Guiding Visionary Leaders Through Transition. Challenging existing paradigms, discovering innovative solutions, and honoring value-driven leadership, through personal transformation for success on all levels. Before working with someone, one of my questions is, what are the values you bring to…
April 11, 2024
woman watering her plants

The Value of Knowing

I took the day last Saturday to do nothing but “be.” I watered my plants, stripped the bed, did laundry, etc.  All the things that allow me to feel as if I am fixing up my little nest while letting go of the rest of the world. For you it may be reading a paper, working in a greenhouse, a…
April 3, 2024
business woman searching for the big picture

Humility And The Wild Ride Of Leadership

Have you had those moments when a belief you know is true is called upon again and again in a short period of time? Almost as if the Universe, God, or Someone wanted to make sure you heard it or perhaps that you shared it. I had another potential client, a CEO, approach me this week about Imposter Syndrome -…
March 27, 2024
woman reaching for goals

Reaching For Goals Yet Without Attachment

One of the ironies of life is that we are called, almost compelled, to go after our dreams and set creative goals. Those visions and our commitment to them, are what give us the ability to walk around obstacles and persevere even when all seems hopeless and yet the gift of being detached from the outcome frequently makes the attempt…
March 21, 2024
group of leadership creating impact, impactful leadership

The Humility Of Impactful Leadership

Today, in speaking with a client, who is a highly successful MD and an absolute trailblazer, (my favorite kind of leader) we discussed the extensive power he has through his influence and impact. His energy reaches across a large geographical area in a very deep and transformational way. Like so many of us, who are truly heart and soul-based leaders,…
March 17, 2024
transparency and leadership, self reflection

What Degree Of Transparency Are You Comfortable With?

A great deal has been written about transparency and leadership, frequently using a variety of examples to further explain where it is possible. In acknowledging a mistake in a judgment call that was made, or when going through a difficult period for the organization, when there’s a need to cut back, or even the hope and possibility of a major…
March 10, 2024
having a conversation

The Simplest Of Things

Conversations can seem like the simplest of things yet in reality they are such an indicator of so much more. I receive this wonderful newsletter, Admired Leadership-Field Notes. It is truly inspirational in the world of leadership. However, at times, their messages are universal. Today’s conversation had me thinking of so many things. The fact that it came after an…
February 28, 2024