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No matter where you are with your business, or your life, it is an amazing adventure to watch how expanded our field of influence is. As I sit here at the gas station/repair shop getting my oil changed (along with filters etc.) I just joined a group of wild coaches in supporting each other expanding our reach. This after answering or deleting a ridiculous number of emails, FB interchanges, LinkedIn requests, and texts from folks who want to schedule time for today.  It’s only 8:25am……… 

Once upon a time, in the days of old, the repair shop was serviced by friends, and we simply sat and chatted with others and watched while our work was being done. There was no FB, LinkedIn, or texts to respond to, just conversation with the workers and others getting serviced.

Community was the name of the game. We never thought of it as “Live”, or “in person”, it was just life, and this was how we lived it. 

Now, I have 5,000 followers here, 4,500 there, almost 3,000 there. WOW…  Yet what do I miss? The conversations, the spontaneous, impromptu catching up with someone walking down the street who I haven’t seen in a long while. Zoom is my life for many hours of the day, and I love the connections, the stimulation, creativity, and expansion shared by so many characters I never would have met without that online presence and world of folks in little boxes on my computer. 

Adaptability, a willingness to grow, to learn, and expand my circle of influence is what seems to govern my life now. I still run into those who say “No way. I don’t want or need FB, LinkedIn or anything else.” Thank God for free choice. For me, I miss parts of the old way, the simpler, casual style of running into, or meeting people, yet at the same time the new meeting, new group, and new crowd of friends who I laugh with and tease is pretty terrific as well. 

And still, last night a girlfriend called and said she and her daughter were coming into town from 20 minutes away and asked if I could go for a walk on the boardwalk, then get something to eat while looking at the water. You bet! The best of both worlds gets to be appreciated and loved when you are willing to reach out and adapt. Yes, Terrlyn and I later realized we did not take any selfies. We did not have pictures to prove she and I did what we did. It never crossed my mind. 

Influence and impact are what I think about and selfies don’t necessarily support that but who knows? My desire here at the shop is to brighten the days of those who are also waiting. Some have real problems with their cars versus mine simply being maintenance. Some walking alone on the boardwalk may have loved the alone time while others may have been thrilled to have someone notice them and say hello as they walked by. The waitresses last night, I am sure, were thrilled to have three happy chicks laughing and treating them special and with gratitude versus the very difficult customers we sometimes witness. 

Impact and influence can be hugely profitable financially in some situations, while in others, it simply means helping to make someone’s day a little warmer, a little kinder, or even sillier, and with a wonderful reminder that we are all in this together. I’ve come to appreciate both results and the many ways to achieve them, adapting as quickly and smoothly as possible. As always, life continuously brings in great adventures I am so very grateful for. 


Dr. Dorothy’s life story of coming from an orphanage, being raised in the housing projects of South Boston, becoming a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, a wife, mother, graduate faculty member, Clinical Instructor at a Medical School, and so much more provides the perfect backdrop for her message of joy, humor, passion and faith as the necessary tools for life.