Questions to Ponder

By November 11, 2018Articles

I spoke to a friend yesterday who has all of her Christmas shopping done.  It certainly makes the point clear, the holiday seasons are about to begin and at least in this area she is well prepared.

What it also made me think of though was what do the holidays really mean? She was certainly taking charge of her life, her “responsibilities,” and her holiday stress. This is totally without judgment, because these musings may have absolutely nothing to do with her reality. That conversation may simply have been a stimulus for reflection on what it means to be a leader.  

I have several questions for you, some deeper than others. So if you are going to use this post to stimulate growth, take time for each.

Leaders have significant responsibilities. They are called daily to be ahead of the game but also to respond to the unexpected. They also need to be present to those they are leading, Is your leadership about responsibility? Is it about completing projects? Is it about calling others to grow into their best self? Is it about making the family, the team, the company, or the world its best self?

What is it that feeds you when you realize you are the leader of your own journey? Your own company? What is your visceral response? Burden? Joy? Fear? Excitement? Visionary freedom to create? Leadership means many things too many people. What does it mean to you? 

As I see it, every time I accept a leadership position, I feel called to grow. I love the challenge with a bit of fear in there perhaps, but I love the challenge. I always feel called to yet again increase my energetic footprint on this earth. I have more responsibility but I also have more opportunity for greater impact. That excites me.

I know my values. I know what message I want to bring to the world and I know the impact I want to have. I need more and more leadership positioning to have more and more impact.

That part is simple. 

As for Christmas shopping, December 1st  I start my shopping and I am done by December 8th. They will not have had a chance to outgrow their gift, and I will have plenty of time to wrap with a glass of wine at hand and a Christmas movie to make it a full-bodied experience. Leadership is meant to be enjoyed by us and beneficial to all those we are developing.  



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