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Lately, I have been seeing the difficulty that arises for some when they need to make adjustments to their vision or their approach when things are not going as expected. We read about the need for a clear, concise, vision or goal so that it can be actualized in the most efficient and effective way. I agree with that concept as a starting point. 

As a coach/confidant, I want to support my clients in having the easiest possible time achieving their goals in working with me. Knowing where they are in the beginning, having a sense of where they want to go and what they want to achieve within a 6-month or one-year program, is important. There is no way to get “there” if we don’t even know where “there” is. 

Adjusting The Vision to Reach Goals

However, as with many coaches, I can assure you in the process of reaching those goals, we tend to discover what they really need, what they really want to work on with me. It is only after working together and identifying how someone lies to themselves, hides from themselves, betrays themselves, or confronts (or doesn’t) the fears that show up when they are reaching outside of their comfort zone that can I truly see what they need to get out of their own way. 

Because of those discoveries, frequently there are adjustments that need to be made. The person running a 7-figure business is not the person who can run an 8-figure business. A lot of personal as well as professional growth needs to take place for those dreams to come true. At times, the growth hadn’t taken place because it was never needed before, or it may never have taken place because my client was afraid of taking what felt like very large risks alone. 

When Adjustments Need To Be Made

In your life, what adjustments may need to be made? What unexpected turn of events have you run into? It can be a sick partner or spouse. It can be a child who wants help with graduate school or a medical situation that has developed. Investments that took a turn? Regardless of what it is, how do you deal with the need to make adjustments? How you adapt is of the greatest importance. Do you go into rage? Illusions of victimization or powerlessness? Confusion? Frustration?  I have seen it all. The best laid plans of mice and men…. 

Even more alarming, sometimes it is the vision itself that needs to be reassessed. Sometimes the dream is still perfect for you but how it is to be achieved, needs to change. Time wise? Individual characters? Shifting values? A changed culture? There are far too many possibilities to list them all. Recognize them, however, not as obstacles or interferences but rather as life with a slightly different agenda. An agenda with far more to it than you imagined…

Recognize, that dream, that goal, is only one aspect of the life you are living, it is not your life itself. Your life is so much more. A change in the dream itself is life calling you to something greater, something that often is an unexpected blessing or a call to stop or slow down. I have seen it be a call to remember why you have this dream, what it truly means to you. Sometimes we make our dream one more demand on our time rather than a gift we give ourselves to relish and give thanks for. Allow yourself to go for it, whatever changes occur, with joy, passion, and adventure. Making it a task to achieve, loses the purpose and expansion possible as you come more and more alive. 


Dr. Dorothy’s life story of coming from an orphanage, being raised in the housing projects of South Boston, becoming a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, a wife, mother, graduate faculty member, Clinical Instructor at a Medical School, and so much more provides the perfect backdrop for her message of joy, humor, passion and faith as the necessary tools for life.