Another week begins. As an Executive Leadership Coach, I have supported clients through mergers where not only did they need to grow their companies and their visions, they needed to grow themselves so that they could lead an even greater sized company.  It had never dawned on them that they would need to be a greater-sized self as well…

When we create larger or more diverse dreams, it requires a larger presence and/or a more diversified sense of self. The “smaller” vision of who you are cannot sustain a larger dream, you need to be as big or bigger than your dreams. Remember, you are here to lead your dreams, not have your dreams lead you…. Initially the former may work, but to sustain it or grow it, you need to be the larger entity in order to direct and support its growth.

Our dreams call us to become more and more of who we are meant to be. I wrote a book on it. For each dream you allow yourself to have, you will be exposed to more potential, more gifts, more vision, more insight, and more need than ever before. Each dream calls you to reach – beyond the self that exists at the moment – and beyond the life you are living at the moment. 

 A dream is always the next step…. It is always what calls you to explore, to own, and to activate skills you may have never known you possess. Consequently, dreams are the gift you give yourself. In addition, they are your soul’s way of calling you forward.

 I gave a talk this week with over 100 people on Zoom. Calling each of them to begin this year with a dream for what they hope to achieve in 2022 as well as for who they hope to become by 12/31/22. There truly is no limit unless we set one.

 My wish for each of you is to start this year off with a dream. One that gives you something to work towards, to run towards, and to grow towards. In offering my weekly webinars on understanding How Your Personality Impacts Your Health, my goal is to support you in achieving your dreams while maintaining your health. One requires the other…. See below.

 Know there is no limit unless we set it. Life offers challenges but never a “NO!” The oddity is that often the “yes” looks like so much more than the “No” ever could. The “Yes” may be radically different. You want a business but your vision is small and it doesn’t work out but what actually happens is so much more….  Is your focus on the small vision or the larger reality? Go for the bigger reality. It frequently doesn’t look like what you expected but in truth, it is so much more….

Love the gift – the challenge – and the adventure… It’s what dreams are made of….




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