The Power of Purpose in Business and in Life

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Today on our Podcast, Truth and Double Daring with Dottie and Diane, we had an amazing guest. Patrice Tanaka, who I happened to have met 2 weeks ago in NYC at her birthday party of all places. I was so completely impressed with her that I asked her immediately after to be a guest on our show.

As any good serial entrepreneur, after having been a highly successful women in PR and branding over the years, Patrice has now created a new company, Joyful Planet, LLC.  It is focused solely on helping individuals and companies live both their purpose and their joy. Those who know me well have heard me say, literally hundreds of times, “Faith and humor are the necessary tools of life.” Patrice embodies them while she makes Purpose an accepted reality.

I see it as a gift that we are evolving to a point where the message of Purpose, far more than Mission and Vision Statements, is seen as the great competitive edge in business. The recognition that it is living purpose that brings joy is the icing on the cake.

Every individual has a purpose and we are finding now that those companies who recognize that they need to have a specific purpose as well, a defined role in making the world a better place, are the companies that are getting far greater ROI.

Purpose, soul-felt purpose, makes life everything it is meant to be. Material possessions and wealth, are lovely and they can make our lives easier in so many ways, yet purpose transforms us in becoming the best self we could ever imagine being. It does this while also calling out of us our greatest joys, and a true sense of belonging.

Whether working with the leaders as an Executive Leadership Coach or in working as a consultant with all those down the management and leadership chain, when I see a company united in its purpose, what I see happening is that the community, the customers, as well as the employees and investors are winning.

Does your life and your work reflect your purpose? If not, why? Where did it or you get lost?

Are you thrilled waking up most mornings? I am pragmatic as well as spiritual and fully aware some mornings, especially cold, rainy mornings, the bed seems like the best place on earth. Welcome to humanity.

Nonetheless, when the major default is to joy, meaning, and purpose, you are living the life and the job you are called to and you most frequently can’t wait to get started. My wish for each of you is that you have reached that place. If not, I pray you are working towards it; it’s worth it!

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