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What fires your passion and makes you glad to get up in the morning?

What dreams have you given up to become who you “should” be rather than who you really are?

Who we are expected to be, who we are told we should be, and what other people hope we will become has very little to do with what is in our heart. Other people’s expectations of us can put a grinding halt to realizing our own dreams and reclaiming the passion that makes us who we are.

Dr. Dorothy’s honesty and good humor comes from living her own authentic life. She shares her journey
with us so we too can claim our passion and remember our dreams. If you complete the exercises and
listen to her recordings several times you will be empowered to take the journey you were put on this earth
to travel. Don’t miss this wonderful program so you can live your most passionate, dream fulfilled life.

Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton

The Reclaiming Your Passion – Remembering Your Dreams Series provides the personal tools to discover all the strengths and vulnerabilities that support and/or hinder your ability to achieve all the dreams you have ever had or will have. Your dreams are a living entity. They need to be carefully nurtured or they will whither on the vine. For many people, their dreams have literally vanished, never to be seen or realized again.

Come with me, as we travel through the layers of who you truly are and discover what makes you “you.” Discover the simple secrets for making it all happen — success in health, business and relationships and living your ideal life.

The Reclaiming Your Passion – Remembering Your Dreams are the digital recordings of an exclusive teleclass I held at the request of those who could not attend my live events. Through the last 25 years as a psychotherapist, speaker and teacher, I have learned so clearly that life is meant to be lived and to be lived fully.

Listen in on these downloadable and instant access MP3’s that have changed the lives of so many people.

Simple, easy, and yet life transforming!

Session 1

The Spiritual, Emotional & Physical Levels of Life

  • The three levels of your field:  your essence – your intention – your personality.
  • The  many dimensions of your chakras – emotionally, spiritually, & physical.
  • A grounding technique to support you in integrating all that you learn.

Session 2

Living Your Passion or Playing it Safe

  • Your higher and lower selves and how one calls you to grow and flourish, while the other calls you to play it safe and remain stuck
  • The five main personality structures of core energetics with a focus on the first personality style developed in infancy
  • An in-depth look at your first chakra and how it can support your journey.

Session 3

Passionately Living in the Moment

  • The importance of living in the moment – the gift of mindfulness
  • The difference between having needs vs. being needy and the personality style which most needs to learn these truths
  • An in-depth look at your second chakra and how it supports your passion.

Session 4

Making Room for You in Your Life

  • How to make room for you in your life – and discover your dreams no matter what your obligations are!
  • Understanding of the personality that gives without end and then resents those who take what is given
  • An in-depth look at your third chakra and how it supports or hinders your personal power.

Session 5

Leadership and Forgiveness

  • Why some seem to find passion only in their rage.
  • The many faces of leadership and the need for you to claim yours…
  • The importance of forgiveness.

Session 6

Letting go of Perfection

  • How the need for perfection prevents your dreams from being realized
  • How sharing your dreams – speaking of them – helps clarify them and makes them real
  • How your fifth chakra supports you in hearing your voice – the one you need to claim!

Session 7

Intention vs. Will

  • The power of intention vs. will – one strengthens you, calling you to become more – the other distorts you and keeps you in fear
  • How your natural gifts of intuition and inner knowing contain the wisdom you need to help you become all that you came here to be
  • An in-depth look at your sixth chakra and its ability make the impossible – possible Linda Ronstadt said: The impossible only takes a little longer…

Session 8

Shifting your Self Image to Fit Your Dream

  • How to change your energy field to support your dreams and your passion becoming real and life transforming.
  • How to shift your self-image to support the new you.
  • How to open your seventh chakra and deepen your spiritual life.  A gift that makes life an adventure to behold!

Session 9

Energy and the Power of Dreams

  • About the development of energetic blocks within your body and how they have held you back.
  • How these blocks have supported the illusion of powerlessness – depression – and fear.
  • The energetic power of dreams.

Session 10

Five Steps to Making Your Dream of Reality

  • The five steps needed to take all you have learned to create the life you want with passion, vibrancy and all of you in it!
  • How your passion feeds your dreams.
  • How each dream builds on the next, providing more of who you are with each dream lived – and – how each dream is revealed from the essence of your embodied soul!

Each session is approximately 60 minutes including a live Q & A with the callers.
Real people, just like you, receiving real results.

You’ll also get:

Dreams Are Only The Beginning Ebook

Dreams-Are-Only-The-Beginning-EbookThe revealing story of one woman’s courageous journey of self-discovery and how she was able to follow her dreams to achieve more than she ever imagined possible. Discover how you can have your own DREAMS and the KEY to becoming the person you always wanted to be and were meant to be. Learn to follow your dreams, one at a time, while taking the risks that are necessary to find freedom, self-confidence, and true joy. Liberate yourself from painful secrets so that you can finally become fulfilled, content, and happy in your life and relationships.

A $15.99 value

Dreams Are Only the Beginning Companion Workbook

Dreams-Are-Only-the-Beginning-Companion-WorkbookThe follow-up guide to her best-selling book, which is focused on you, you will find helpful, step-by-step guidelines to support you in achieving or reclaiming your dreams, as well as what you truly want in your life, and who you want to become. You will be taken through the process to uncover your dreams and your passions. Everything is already within you but they may need permission to come alive again or perhaps for the every first time…

A $15.99 value


Get a 30 minute complimentary conversation with me, Dr. Dorothy, to personally have any of your questions answered! Don’t go it alone. I’ll be here to take your hand and help you successfully make your dreams come true, and achieve the life you know you’ve always deserved.

  • 10 MP3 recording sessions
  • Dreams Are Only The Beginning ebook
  • Dreams Are Only the Beginning Companion Workbook
  • Your Personal Free Consultation with Dr. Dorothy

Instant and immediate access.  All yours for only $197