What’s Your New Brand?

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This has been a week of early mornings and late nights revising every single page of my website. Loving every single minute of it. Creating landing pages for so many other offerings, revising articles I wrote a while ago, and, finally, creating the new “brand” of who I am and what I believe needs to be the next focus of my ministry, or my career, at this point.

We have the choice of going through life as if it is a daily rut filled with activity until we get to go to bed or we can see our lives as a solid spiritual journey filled with purpose and a call to continuously become more and more of who we are meant to be.

Some days seem endless because they contain so much of those “have to” tasks, shopping, bills, phone calls, etc. (Although my close friends do laugh at me since I love house work so that day is an exciting joy in feeling so organized, clean, and shiny throughout)

Any of those days in which I get to feel I accomplished something, whether it’s working out, reading a book, or writing a book, I feel as if I brought expansion and something good into my life. How do you do that? What is it you do that allows you to feel as if you have expanded who you are?

My “rebranding” is still me, still the girl from Southie, the nun, the airline stewardess, the mom, and so much more. What it does is simply say to me and to others that with all the lessons I have learned, and all the wondrous journeys I have walked so far, whether for 2 years or 20, only time will tell. Time will reveal what I want to focus on as my contribution to this planet and how I can support our leaders in becoming more authentic, more purpose-driven, and more people-centric.

If someone were to ask you your brand, what would it be? What is it that you want to do at this point in your life to have an impact? To make a difference? To make the world a better place? Who is it that you want to be while you are making that impact? What qualities do you need to develop in order to do that?  If it is a reach for us, and most dreams or ambitions are, they call us to become the person who can reach that.

The person you are today was good enough and qualified enough to reach this far. To achieve that next goal, to make that next level of difference, beyond where you are now. It requires you to become that person who can reach that far and then sustain it. I wonder what you need to do to develop those skills, that self-image, and that degree of authentically being you!

Enjoy the stretch, you might as well, you will be going there anyway….

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Dr. Dorothy’s life story of coming from an orphanage, being raised in the housing projects of South Boston, becoming a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, a wife, mother, graduate faculty member, Clinical Instructor at a Medical School, and so much more provides the perfect backdrop for her message of joy, humor, passion and faith as the necessary tools for life.