Small Businesses Can Still Thrive During the COVID-19 Crisis

By June 8, 2020Articles, Blog

Even if your brick-and-mortar business is closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, there are several important things you can do to ensure that your small business thrives and comes back even stronger by the time the pandemic ends. To assist you during this challenging time, we’ve assembled the following list of marketing strategies, collaboration tips for remote teams, and more.

  • Get creative by expanding your market, exploring new delivery methods, and partnering with other small businesses.
  • Learn about effective collaboration in the remote work age.
  • Stay connected to your customers with online deals and a strong presence on social media.
  • Remain mindful and responsible when marketing your small business during the pandemic.
  • Check your eligibility for a small business loan or grant program.
  • If you own a salon or spa, teach an online beauty bootcamp, offer prepaid memberships, and share creative video content.
  • Utilize YouTube for creating short, affordable video ads for your small business.
  • Keep employees engaged with virtual events and activities.
  • Consistently write content for your small business blog.
  • Install new carpeting or update your interior so your brick-and-mortar business will have a fresh new look and feel once the lockdown ends.

While your brick-and-mortar business may be closed as your company adheres to social distancing guidelines, there are plenty of things you can do to engage with your employees, customers, and other small businesses during the pandemic. By connecting with your customers on social media, consistently sharing blog and video content, and exploring new ways of delivering your products and services, your small business will thrive and grow throughout the pandemic—and well after it ends.

This article was written in conjunction with Elena Stewart.


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