Purpose or No?

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Have you noticed that when you grow it feels as if you bring in people and organizations who seem to have been waiting for you to reach the new level? They don’t say it, but you now realize “I belong here.” And you are then warmly welcomed into a new world…

I have been speaking, writing, and working with others on living their purpose, for themselves and their organizations, for quite a while and I am thrilled to see the changes taking place. Nonetheless, someone said to me this week, “This purpose thing is a phase and one that will die out quickly.”  Without a doubt, on a cellular level, I believe the opposite.

I see it is a by-product of an evolution where nature, as always, seeks balance and as more companies are working against the bigger picture of what is best for the planet and the people on it with only profit in mind, nature works in its desire for balance, so that the opposite will develop as well.

Consequently, Purpose-Driven organizations will continue to grow recognizing the need to bring along each of its C-Suite executives as well as all the additional leaders and employees along with them. As the purpose, which is far deeper and more impactful than the standard mission and vision statement, becomes the driving force, the transformation of employees strengthens not only the company but each individual member of the organization as well.

Millennials are demanding more investment on a spiritual and emotional level. They want to grow, to do good, and to make a difference. Providing the opportunity to do it in such a way that everyone wins along with the customers who will pay extra to support a company whose purpose they believe in.

Becoming a part of nature’s attempt to seek balance in the work place while also creating a present and future workforce based on purpose and profit provides motivation, empowered, creative, and dedicated employees who possess a much bigger picture of what is possible.

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence which are so talked about and needed, are simply the beginning steps to transforming ourselves and our workplaces. Imagine the potential of those who daily want to go to work because of the difference they are making,  and the future they are creating regardless of their specialty…

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If you need support, or direction, in moving to the next level of your organizations future, reach out to someone whose life has been dedicated to living purpose, and whose work with executives has done just that.

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