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Truth and Double Daring is all about a safe, fun, and often remarkably fascinating podcast where you will find yourself being nurtured, educated, and irresistibly enlivened to take the risks needed to grow personally and professionally.

We challenge our listeners to become the leaders of their lives by Double Daring them to jump in and live their authentic TRUTH.

From personal experiences and shenanigans of their guest interviewees, each will reveal their individual thrills, spills, and fears on a path to stunning success.

We can’t get there alone so let’s hold hands and find our way together in this wilderness called LIFE.





Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery

Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery is the creator of Pastology, the cutting-edge field that focuses on the synergy between pastoring and psychology. She holds a Ph.D. from Hofstra University and a Masters of Divinity from Yale University. She calls herself pastologist, speaker and facilitator of advanced therapy and workshops.

Dr. Curry Avery has a unique approach to therapy and healing. She places the emphasis on your journey toward sacred intelligence: your ability to tap into your internal source in order to move toward intelligent choices. Those choices are intended to honor the Sacred and help you manifest your greatness, while simultaneously embracing the humanity of those around you.

She has traveled the world speaking and facilitating workshops. She invites and inspires others to discover and live out their purpose. Her approach places the emphasis first and foremost on healing your relationship with your creator. This helps heal the self and promotes the positive relationships with other people in your life.

Religions can Wound and the Sacred Heals. That was the amazingly powerful message Rev. Dr. Terrlynn Curry Avery presented in this podcast. Her powerful words with such a strong message of healing were such a delight to hear and so inspiring. Terrlynn speaks from her heart and her own development as a spiritually-based woman.

To recap: To support healing her 4 steps are:

  • Find a trusted guide or spiritual director
  • Mind your business and do not compare your journey to another’s
  • Focus on gratitude for the blessings you do have
  • Spend time in quiet with your Sacred Source within

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Julie Kerr

It was during her career in modeling that Julie began her personal 15 year battle with Bulimia.

Throughout this podcast you can see her desire to reframe Bulimia not as an addiction but as an unhealthy relationship with not just food but ultimately yourself.

Julie’s belief is that the work to releasing this issue is all about changing beliefs and behaviors. Beliefs and
behaviors now highly encouraged globally, causing an increasing number of both men and women of all ages, to fall victim to disordered eating and eating disorders.

Her very successful work with clients shows that she really is on to something. Join us and listen and learn as Julie shows you the secrets and patterns she has used in her own shift and that of her clients.

Although it has been over 20 years since, for almost 17 years Julie lived with Bulimia in varying degrees of intimacy. As a successful model, working in London, Paris, Hamburg and Tokyo, it seemed as if she was living the sort of life many people dream of.

However, in reality her life was less glamorous. Bulimia threatened her health, eroded her relationships, cut her off from family and friends and destroying her self-esteem and confidence.

By chance, one day in the gym when sharing a piece of the equipment with a young woman, Celie, she asked how she kept so slim. She told her that she ate 6 times a day – 3 smallish meals with snacks in between! In copying that format, Julie began to feel a whole lot better, physically, mentally and emotionally.

She studied and trained in life coaching, NLP, and intuitive coaching and read avidly to feed her insatiable thirst for knowledge which led to the joy of discovering the Self, what was important and falling in love with her life and herself (most of the time anyway!)

During this period it became very clear that her true passion lay in supporting others get to a place where bulimia slipped away rather than it be something they have to fight against. Thus her optimistic approach in working with groups or individuals.

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