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As I spend time with friends who are reaching further on a regular basis to create an impact, to do good, I can’t help but be impressed by their willingness to risk, to take chances, to face their fears and then try something bigger, better, and more powerful. It excites me and gives me permission, if not inspiration, to do the same.

So many of us want to think our mothers didn’t get it, didn’t know the world the way we did, because they spoke in simpler terms, with more simplistic examples to show us what they meant. However, there were messages we received that were far reaching, that can still have impact today.

My mom always warned me against the girls hanging on street corners and those getting detention. They were “trouble.” The fact that I was one of those girls somehow seemed irrelevant. She would repeat frequently, “watch who your friends are.” The concern was both that they would bring me down and that others would judge me because of them.

As I look at the friends I have now, friends who inspire me, friends who bring me peace, friends who are doing good in this world, I can clearly understand my mother’s words. I do watch my friends, my associates, and those I network with. Across the board, they are people who make me a better person. I find I do discriminate. I do look at values, examples of generosity, kindness, compassion, drive, integrity. They are the standards with which I judge who I will spend my time with.

Will I be a better me with them? Will I get to laugh? Giggle? Feel defenseless and love it? Will I feel in touch with my best self? If needed, will I be able to look at the parts of me I don’t like as easily as the parts of me I love? Will the world feel full of hope and possibility no matter how much work needs to be done? If so, then those are the friends I choose. My mother was right. We do need to watch who our friends are.

If you have trouble seeing yourself objectively, who are your friends? How do they make you feel? Behave? Believe?  If it isn’t as the person you want to be, change them, and change them now. So many others out here will welcome you. Bring in folks who make you proud of you.

Bring in folks who make you want to be a better you. You deserve it, and, it would make your mother proud!

Have a great week!

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