Leadership has been defined in numerous ways. For some it implies “power over” for others “expertise” and still for others it simply states “authority” and then leading others to a defined goal.

In addition, for some, leadership is the ultimate dream, a clear and obvious definition and proof of their success. They worked hard to achieve that level of “success.” Over the years, as a psychotherapist for many for whom that was the case, I began to see the price they had paid to achieve something that in so many ways was not at all reflective of who they truly were. Consequently, their status and accomplishments came at a great price.

For others, leadership was not a dream or even a goal, it simply was… There are those folks who, no matter what organization they join, what charity they become involved with, end up rising to the level of director or president. I have spoken to individuals who will not join groups because they are aware that within a year somehow they will be asked to be on the board no matter how invisible or casual they attempt to be. Effectiveness, power, and leadership seem to ooze out of them.

What is the difference? I believe we are all called to leadership. We are all called to be the defining leaders of own lives, our own relationships, and our own stories. However, knowing the kind of leadership you possess, knowing your style of leadership, and knowing where you are most naturally gifted makes all the difference in the world – and most certainly in your world.

Leadership is many things. There are many styles of leadership, all equally needed and significant.

Thought Leader
Team Leader
Supportive Leader
Visionary Leader
Organizational Leader

Each possess very different qualities; each are called to different positions; and, each lives their leadership in dramatically different ways. When you know your style, your unique kind of leadership, and you live it, leadership comes naturally and everyone recognizes the healthy power/authority and leadership that you carry and exude.

Without that important awareness people tend to define their power in a limited or defended way and confuse control and power as if they were the same.  They struggle for control in order to feel powerful. Ironically, powerful people never control. They don’t need to. In contrast, controlling people are fear-filled and lack the confidence needed to effectively lead which sadly and ironically makes them even more controlling.

Powerful people simply are…  They become leaders simply because they exist. They know the style of leadership that best suits them and they are naturally comfortable in their own skin. It is a natural byproduct of their lives, their choices, and how they are experienced or seen by others.

Join me in learning your style, your approach, and your authentic powerful leadership. It will make all the difference in your life, your career, and your relationships.

I have developed a number of ways, shown below, to offer you support in doing just that:

Join my private “Powerful Global Women Leaders” Facebook Group


Join a powerful group of women who are expanding their power and leadership globally through Social Media, Speaking, and Consulting.

This is a group founded to provide support, insight, and camaraderie.

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VIP Business Coaching

My clients are frequently, in positons of CEO, Senior V.P, or President of the company, at a level where they are well-aware of the price of achieving the leadership positions they hold. Expanding their company, their position, and/or their impact (or perhaps just holding onto them) frequently presents questions and the need for reflection in terms of their vision, cost, ego, commitment, style, and perhaps developing needed skills.

Bringing me on board as their Strategic Partner/Business Coach allows them a safe place to confidentially brain-storm, reevaluate, and assess skills they may need to bring balance, joy, and personal reward back to their lives and their business. Assessing their life purpose, or why they are doing what they do, who they want to be while they are doing it, and exactly what it is they want at this point, is a necessity.

My clients learn exactly what those answers are and as a result, their companies profit on all levels from this exclusive collaboration as they lead with an even bigger impact in their industry and the world.

If you are already an expert and leader in your chosen field and want to expand further then consider working with me in VIP Business Coaching.

We will work together in a variety of ways that best suit your needs. I am here to facilitate and to support you in stopping, assessing your perspective, and then flying forward to expand your power and your impact in making a difference in the world.

Contact me at:
dorothy@askdrdorothy.com or (860) 543-5629 to talk about how we can best partner to expand your leadership.

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