Meet Dr. Dorothy

Dreams for my future have been the driving force of my life. They have kept me alive, kept me sane, and allowed me to go from surviving to living. I believe we each come to this life precisely to live our dreams. Our dreams are the vision of our soul’s desires, our guiding force, for us to be all that we are meant to be.

My story:

As an illegitimate child of a young Irish Catholic girl, I was abandoned at the hospital and sent to an orphanage. At the age of 3, I was adopted back by my birth mother and my step-father, a police officer and a physically abusive alcoholic.  I grew up in the housing projects of South Boston, where for the next three years, I was left outside in a playpen for 16 hours a day, year-round, even through New England’s bitter winters.

Even under these circumstances, with no role models to show me the way, somehow I knew from the core of my being that I could do and be anything I wanted, and dreams were the way I would get there.

I created a series of dreams. I graduated high school, became a Catholic nun, attended college, and pursued a career in social work.  I decided I wanted to see more of the world, and I traded my nun’s habit for an airline stewardess uniform, and traveled over a million miles across the globe.

Later I became a wife, mother of 2, divorcee, and single parent.  I went back to school for a PhD, became a licensed therapist and ordained minister, and founded a nationally-recognized energy medicine school.  When I dropped my youngest child at college, I pursued yet another dream.  I moved to the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguila.

Even as you are living your dreams, new dreams come.  After ten glorious years in Anguila, I felt a calling to return home.  I moved back to Connecticut in 2006 and resumed my therapy practice.

But I wanted more.  I wanted to reach and help even more people by taking my story and message to a wider audience.  Now, as an author, international speaker, and mentor, and through personally helping thousands of patients to live their dreams, I am sharing my message with the world that we dream for a reason and that our dreams are meant to come true.  Anything is possible!

We can change the world is the phrase that Dr. Dorothy uses in the closing of this video, in her inspiring message of faith and humor for each of those who watch this 40 minute video of how she came to believe that anything is possible, even changing the world.

Transform Your Soul‘s Desires to Dreams Fullfilled.

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