Welcome! I am personally inviting YOU to ask me YOUR most important life questions — the questions that if answered, will move you towards the joyously abundant life of your dreams.

Because every facet of life affects your dreams, such as love and relationships, money, career, health, spirituality, and more … no question is off limits.

  • Have you lost your passion and motivation?
  • Do you have fears and challenges that are holding you back?
  • Are you struggling to even identify your dreams and the steps to take?
  • Are you going through a major life transition, such as college graduation, marriage or divorce, empty nesting, job loss, or death of a loved one?

I can help! Please reach out to me today.

Dr. Dorothy's principles and methods have brought me back to the TRUE reality of who I am and what my soul purpose is.

Lynn Rosario

Thank you' are not really the words I would pick, but at the moment they are all I can find. I am inspired by you.

Sara Barron

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